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User: just another care kid


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Posted in Parents and Promises on 2007-01-25 00:04:53


Posted in Adoption on 2007-01-25 00:03:25


Posted in The Ultimate Pantyhose/Tights Poll on 2007-01-24 21:02:19

yeh mayb i dont get it cos im just 15 but 4 me the answer 2 most of ur questions (like hav u ever had a bath in tights) would have been "y the hell would i do that". i mean hey wateva floats ur boat, but i just dont get it.

Posted in Fighting despair on 2007-01-23 23:19:00

with a major in destruction. dont tell my therapist but when i feel down i still smash and burn things, well i guess she knos that already, but it lets out tension, probelm is out of 15 foster parents in 2 years only 1 has ever 4given me, luckily thats my current placement.

Posted in Parents and Promises on 2007-01-23 23:03:46

i have been in and out of care all my life (im almost 16) and its all cos of th junkie b1tch that is my mum. i used 2 love her and cover 4 her and believe her wen she said that it would all b different and we would be happy, but i have been pretty much constantly in care now since i was 8 and mum got sent 2 jail again for prostitution posesion of herion with intent 2 supply, theft, fraud and child neglect (notice how much society cares about kids that the fact all the dole was spent on smack and i didnt eat unless i niked dinner from the shop was last on the charge sheet.) i had a bad (sexual) experience with my first social worker which lasted the first 4 years, during which time i used 2 wish that mum would come 4 me but then mum would promise a gr8 new life with x (x bing the the l8est bf) and at least half of the bfs would hit her and most of those would hit me 2. After i found out that my rapist was lying wen he said i would go 2 jail 4 having sex with him (i kno how stupid am i) and he got sent 2 jail i settled down and now i am in a long term foster placement.

I hav given up on mums constant promises (last seen wen she showed up on my birthday and stole my cd player), i hav given up on her gr8 new lives, and i have given up on thinking of her as my mother, i trust my foster mum, and my foster dad is about the only man i almost trust, but i will never believe my parent again.