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User: just another care kid


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Posted in Best US police dept? on 2009-06-16 22:23:06


Posted in Police brutality on 2009-06-16 22:21:26

Stopped and searched by the police? http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/438233

Posted in Homelessness on 2008-02-01 21:26:57

A year l8r im still here, my longest placement yet, life off the streets is cool.

Posted in Self-Injury on 2008-02-01 21:20:10

I'm a cutter. the 1st time was actually trying suicide, well I'm not sure i really wanted 2 die but i thought it would b the only way the abuse would stop (i was a kid there was a whole web of lies he told me that made me think i couldn't tell ne1). my "other" on mental problems is a list, reactive attachment disorder, add, depression, anger management issues in a massive way.

After the first time i just keep trying 2 feel something especially when they had me on Ritalin. even feeling pain is better than feeling dead inside and i have real problems expressing emotions. I clicked that i used 2 self harm, truth is more like i hope ive stopped, ive been in group and i havnt cut 4 like 18 months, fact is tho that i dont know what ill do next time i get 2 the dark place.

Posted in The worlds oldest profession on 2008-01-30 22:19:34

My mum is (was? has been? i havnt seen her 4 a couple of years) a prostitute. I hav seen what its like, the violent $%!@ that run her, as a kid i only wanted 2 b living with my mum but when i was it was like a nitemare. most of them are on drugs, the pimps like them that way. if there were no customers then they wouldnt b abused like they r.