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So how was that procedure? Painful? Scary? Sexy? Did it make you horny at all, or was the ejaculation just a physiological reaction? How are you doing these days, OK?"

I went to the $%!@e-a-thon in San Francisco. It was the most amazing party. And, it was a party like many others, with professional entertainment, snacks, and so on, except we were all naked. This was held in a converted warehouse where sofas, chairs and mattresses where scattered around, all covered with sheets. About a hundred and twenty people showed up. Plus, there was a 'voyeurs' area, in which people could sit in bleachers and watch the activity, without participating. (How they could just sit there fully-clothed and not join in the fun beats me.) The mix was around 70% male, 30% female. We literally jerked off together, all in a few big rooms. We discussed anything from sexual practices to lamenting the loss of carburetors to fuel injection. The 1980s porn star Nina Hartley was one of the featured attractions. She still looks great. I'm glad I was a practiced edger, as were many others in the room. I lasted nearly eight hours before my sperm erupted, I had such a good time, I returned the following year, and the year after that. Best part: We raised money for charity. Just as in a walk-a-thon, we got sponsors. But not per mile, but rather for the minutes spent jerking off. The rule was we got a five-minute break every hour to go to the bathroom, eat, etc. Some people lasted only a few minutes. Most lasted an hour or two. At eight hours, I was by no means the record-holder. Without a doubt, the $%!@e-a-thon is a good place to be seen with an erection.