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Posted in Mandatory Minumum Potty-Training Age. on 2017-10-13 09:15:05

should be six months. Doubt it? Ask your grandmother, or read any pre-1960s medical book. The old method worked - there were no five year olds in diapers then.

Posted in Soap in Mouth on 2017-10-05 08:20:12

Instead of mouth soaping, I recommend my own parents' method - inserting a (pencil-thin) sliver of soap up the rectum as a punishment.

Because besides being painful and upsetting the soap has a laxative effect. And there is a definite link (autism specialists talk about it) between constipation, autointoxication-from-the-intestines, and errant behavior. The "$%!@ penetration" may be the threatening aspect of the punishment, but when the soap dissolves, within twenty minutes it'll make the child have to go and do a good pile of stink, and that'll be clearing out the toxins that cause the behavior.

Posted in First prostate exam on 2017-05-14 12:30:02

Another old post I'd never seen before. If the author is still out there I wish he'd tell us what the doctor actually recommended after the exam. Constipation - some doctors would have administered an enema or suppository there and then.

Posted in First prostate exam on 2017-05-14 12:27:48

In all these years I only just found this post. If the author is out there I wish she'd clarify - since this wasn't a routine pelvic - what her "problem in the pooper department" was, and what the doctor actually recommended when the exam was over. Re: that last comment, it did cross my mind, just 'cause she was 16 that's no reason to assume she hadn't had $%!@ sex already (and that could be a factor in the unstated problem).

Posted in Unsuitable for family viewing? on 2017-05-02 08:08:52

I'm a big fan of your polls - and as you know we've corresponded before. I'm absolutely disgusted with the censorship exerted by Misterpoll, and especially the false arguments advanced by the people who defend it. (They pretend not to understand the very concepts of "business ethics", "communicative media" and "freedom of communication" - these are ethical concepts which, forget the language I just used, a five year old should know intuitively!)

I'm using my SUZI F account here, even though I'm phasing it out in favour of The Other One Where I'm Even More Confrontational...

because whilst using this account, I have suffered censorship myself - my "usual suspects" and "potty training mark 2" polls were "refused admission to the directory" but are there if you know where to look (clue: links published).

What I object to most of all is being charged a fee for the submission of so-called adult content. Which is (a) a violation of personal privacy (b) based on a lie - that Misterpoll or any other website is a "publishing house": it's not. Anyone who isn't pursuing an autocratic neo-fascist politics will know that websites are "electronic stationery" - they're neither entitled to censor or profit from what is "written" on them.. (Misterpoll staff: if you want to make money - get a proper job, involving products that physically exist, because what this is, is a societally-necessary loss-leader).