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Posted in footwear at home on 2008-12-21 18:32:27

We have a similar rule. We have highly polished wood floors which can be slippy and dangerous in socked feet, so we prefer everyone to be in bare feet. If an adult visitor really objected, we'd allow them in wearing socks, but certainly for kids (who are often running about indoors) then the rule is strict - take your shoes and socks off when you come into the house. Personally, I've never known anybody to object though and most kids don't even need to be told.

Posted in Asking visitors to remove shoes on 2008-11-27 20:26:02

I agree. Shoes should never be worn in the house. Me and my family are always in bare feet in the house and I ask all visitors to take shoes off before entering. We don't mind adults keeping their socks on (though we prefer them to take socks off too) but I agree that kids should always be in bare feet, and I insist that my kids and their mates take their socks off when they come in.

Posted in Ninja poll 133: Going Barefoot on 2008-07-01 20:12:14

I am always in bare feet indoors. At my home, at friends, or wherever I think I can get away with it (sometimes in the office too!).

I am a big advocate of bare feet. All my family are too. My kids are always in bare feet indoors and when doing school PE. When they bring friends round, I always ask they leave shoes and socks by the door, and they are happy to do so, and don't even need to be told now. We often get huge piles of discarded shoes and socks by the door, which looks a mess but is a good sign of happy healthy kids.

The rule for everyone is "bare feet indoors", though if a total stranger really objected, we'd allow them to enter in socks.

We all stay in bare feet around the garden too. I think people generally wear shoes and socks far too much, and should take them off more often and let their feet breathe.

Most of my friends are now coming over to this way of thinking, and those that previously stayed in socks indoors are now adopting a bare feet indoors rule too. Socks are OK, but can be slippy on polished floors and can hold sweat and smell.

Better to be in bare feet - especially if you are involved in physical activity (which is why I insist my boys do PE in bare feet).

Remove the shackles of oppression indeed! Get those shoes and socks off!

Posted in Shoes off at the door please on 2008-04-07 21:04:23

We have a strict "shoes off for all" rule at our house. Me and my family usually take off both our shoes and socks when entering, and leave them by the door. Close friends and family usually do the same, and are quite happy to abide by our rules. When we get someone we don't know very well calling around, we politely ask them to take their shoes off before coming in (they can take socks off too if they like and many do) and we have never had anybody object.

In fact, most people kick their shoes off before we even get the chance to say anything. Especially younger people - first thing they do is kick their shoes off, and as soon as they see us in bare feet, they usually strip their socks off too and leave them by the door.

Because of this, we have very clean floors, which in turn means strangers and visitors are even more inclined to takes their shoes off.

Posted in Vests (men/boys) on 2008-01-21 18:42:30

Thanks. I've adjusted the wording