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Posted in Kids Taking Their Socks Off at a Friend's House on 2010-09-30 20:52:09

My kids are required to take their socks off at the door. When they were younger, the rule was limited to just taking shoes off at the door, but they were forver leaving their socks abandoned around the house, and it started to drive me mad, making the house look a mess. Funnily enough, whenever their friends came round it was the same story. Their friends were required to leave their shoes outside when they come in (to keep the place clean) but inevitably, after a while they'd end up taking their socks off too and just playing about in bare feet.

Anyway, I just got sick of tripping over socks that were left abandoned all over the house. It looked a mess, and there was always some kid that couldn't find his socks when it was time to leave, so I decided to make it a rule that socks are left by the door when they enter. This is both for my own kids, and any friends that come visiting.

My kids didn't mind so much, but some of their friends were taken aback when they were told to take their socks off straight away and leave them by the door. They didn't seem very happy at first, but after a while they were running about happily enough in bare feet. And after they've been over a few times, they remember the rules and don't need to be told.

So I don't have any more random socks scattered around the house, which is good, but then when my kids have quite a few friends over, I instead end up with a huge pile of socks by the door. It can cause problems with who's socks belong to whom (especially since they all seem to wear plain black socks) but it makes more sense to me to have the kids take their socks off straight away when they come in - they are better off in bare feet, especially with slippery wood flooring.

Posted in Doing PE in bare feet (boys only) on 2010-02-10 20:34:49

When I attended school way back in the 1970s, the PE kit for boys was a pair of white shorts only and nothing else. Bare feet were required. We sometimes did outdoor lessons in bare feet also (e.g. summer athletics). Nobody questioned this, and we just got on with the lesson. These days many schools have the option of bare feet or trainers, and it seems most boys prefer to wear trainers indoors.

The school I send my two boys too has bare feet as "optional" but I insist my kids do all the indoor PE lessons in bare feet, as I feel it is better for them (I check they are not taking trainers with them when they go). A few other dads do the same, but most boys want to wear socks and trainers and seem to hate being in bare feet for PE.

Posted in Ideal PE kit on 2009-10-06 18:53:32

I'd agree with rickyB01. All boys need for PE is a pair of proper short-length athletic shorts. This is how we used to do indoor PE when I was at school - bare chest, nylon shorts and bare feet for all indoor activities. It is cheap, provides freedom of movement and is comfortable.

Even in outdoors athletics in summer we were shirtless and in bare feet. Simple shorts is all you need. There is no need for expensive footwear; and socks and underwear should never be worn.

A leotard is fine for girls, but I think most boys would prefer shorts.

Posted in barefeet on 2009-07-21 15:02:43

We have a strict "shoes and socks off in the house" rule. This applies to all the family, close relatives and friends, and where possible to guests too.

Shoes and socks are taken off and left by the door. My kids know to ask their friends to take socks off when they come round (they always take shoes off anyway) and nobody has ever objected.

Occasionally an adult guest who doesn't know the rules may be reluctant, in which case we will let them in wearing their socks, but explain the situation to them.

Most of my friends have similar rules at home too, so their really isn't a problem, though if any kids do disobey the rules, they get their socks taken off and confiscated.

It's the same rules we had when I was a child, though it was less common back then.

Posted in Barefoot at a friends house? on 2009-06-30 18:45:15

That all seems reasonable to me. We have a strict "shoes and socks off in the house" rule too. Always have, even when I was a child.

Now I have my own family, I insist on the same rules. The kids have to take their shoes and socks off when they come in and leave them by the door. The same goes for any friends they invite in.

We have this rule, both to keep the floor clean, and also because I believe that bare feet are better for you. I'm sure some lads would never take their socks off otherwise!

We sometimes get the odd reaction and some reluctance, but mostly people don't seem to mind. Indeed, many people (especially young people) get the message straight away when they see the piles of discarded shoes and socks by the door, and are happy to strip their socks off and stay in bare feet.

And after they've been around a few times, they just take their socks off without thinking about it or having to be prompted.

Occasionally an adult visitor will raise a strong objection, and we will allow them in provided they at least take their shoes off first, but this is very rare.

If anything, I think such house rules are becoming more common - most other parents I know have a similar "shoes and socks off" rule, at least for their own family and kids anyway.

It's really a non-issue, I just ask visitors politely if they would remove their socks when they come in (most people take shoes off automatically when they enter) and my kids know to ask their mates to do the same. Frankly, they love being in bare feet anyway, and can't wait to tear their socks off, often flinging them into some random corner to be forgotten about, which can make it difficult to go hunting for them when they need to leave. Especially if they are all wearing similar style socks (my kids and all their mates all tend to wear plain black ankle socks) which can lead to some amusing confusion!