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Posted in Presidential Selection 2008 on 2008-01-11 15:15:33

Well I have been voting since 76 and have voted for Carter (D), Reagan (R) (twice), Dukakis (D), Clinton (D) (Twice), Gore (D), Bush (R). I only regret two ofthose, Carter and The Current Bush, so I can't agree with him being the second best or even close, but I respect your right to your opinion. I rate them this way.

  1. Washington: (established how the presidency would function, without any model to follow)

  2. Lincoln: (President during most difficult time in American History)

  3. Jefferson: (Brilliant and very Humble, Did a great job of building our nation)

  4. FDR: (Presided the longest, established Social Security, Got us thru depression and WWII successfully, probably the second most crucial perios in our history)

  5. Clinton: Rebuilt Bush 41's horrible economy, balanced budget, paid down national debt by about 50%, increased our standing in the world, got along with allies very well, was exceedingly compassionate, increased civil rights and personal privacy. Left office with 60% job approval (highest ever).

  6. Reagan: Created events which ended communism, the cold war and brought hostages home as well as creating the climate that led to bringing down the Berlin wall, all without going to war. Left office with 59% approval (2nd highest).

  7. Madison: Presided over and won the war of 1812, rebuilt Washington DC after that.

  8. Eisenhower: Got the peace treaty in Korea and brought many troops home, presided over a booming economy, created and began construction of the U.S. Interstate Highway system. Left office with 57% approval (3rd).

  9. Truman: accepted resonsibilty for all actions, Presided over end of WWII and brought about unconditional surrender of Japan. Began to build a good post war economy, Signed the 2 term limit of the presidency to prevent consolidation of power and dicatator type leader.

10: Teddy Roosevelt: Created strong economy, guided U.S. thru tough period and made progressive changes protecting workers. Built Panama Canal.

The worst ones.

43rd. Harding: Scandal ridden presidency with Tea Pot Dome and other similar things, proved to be fairly incompetent.

42nd. Bush 43 (Geo.W): incompetent in choosing advisors, ignoring failing econmy which he caused by almost completely ignoring the domestic issues, waging un-needed war since there were NO WMD's, secretive presidency rife with lies, ended Habeus Corpus, abuses power, has set privacy right back to McCarthy era. Cannot ever admit mistakes. Has nearly destroyed our standing on world stage. Approval rating is lowest ever at just about 29-32% average for over 2 years.

41st. Bush 41 (dad): Left U.S. economy in shambles by ignoring domestic issues, did not finish Gulf war leading to later problems, out of touch, destroyed peace and prosperity of Reagan era.

40th. Nixon: Scandalized presidency by covering up the Watergate break in, Had to resign, left economy in shambles.

39th. Carter: Almost completely incomptent in his 4 years, good intentions and good and honest man but was not cut out for the job. Handled economy poorly and hostage crisis terribly. Did negotiate a lasting peace with Egypt and Israel, so that is a plus.

Those are my choices and my reasoning for them.

Posted in Religion In Politics on 2007-12-20 14:55:35

You should have a none category for question 2 because I would not eliminate any candidate because of his/her religion or lack thereof.

Posted in Who does what in the shower? on 2007-08-20 20:36:33

That is so not true. there are bi-sexual people in this world.

Posted in whos better at driving? on 2007-05-18 18:30:20

Statistically men should be the better drivers due to reflexes, etc. But that is not true. Women are more careful, so they apply what they learn better then men choose to.

Posted in Men who use Viagra or Cialis on 2007-05-18 17:50:43

I tried Viagra for slightly softer erections as I am almost 50 and my High Blood pressure medicine (the only other med I take)causes that a bit. Most HBP meds do to some degree. Viagra worked fine, but I got a little headache. The Doc then gave me Cialis and I LOVE it. Very firm and very sensitive. No ill effects for me and it seems to have an effect that lasts 2-3 days and with multiple encounters. My wife really appreciates my being that firm, as well. For me it is a good med.