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Queen was a pretty good band, but they are not nearly as popular as a few goofy Queen fans voting hundreds of times make them appear in some of these polls. As I have commented before, Led Zeppelin crushes Queen (as do quite a few other bands)in any fair poll.

Posted in Best Band Ever!!!! on 2006-12-13 02:59:31

That's correct, but there is only one best ever band and that is Led Zeppelin.

Posted in LED ZEPPELIN vs. BLACK SABBATH vs. DEEP PURPLE on 2006-12-13 02:51:33

I like Deep Purple but there is no way they can compete with Led Zeppelin in any category, especially popularity. I don't blame the hard core Purple fans who voted a hundred times.

Posted in Queen vs Led Zeppelin on 2006-12-12 17:19:35

No offense but this poll was a little goofy. Jimmy Page was not a satanist. He and all members of Zeppelin have made that very clear. How was Freddy being gay relevant to the quality of the music?? That aside, Queen were very good but Led Zeppelin were the greatest rock band in history. Any fair nationwide poll would reflect that fact. Zeppelin's album sales are the highest of any rock band in history and triple that of Queen. Remember that the members of Queen idolized Led Zeppelin just like the majority of rock fans still do around the world.

Posted in Queen vs Led Zeppelin on 2006-12-12 17:06:11

You may love Queen but that does not change the fact that Led Zeppelin was the greatest band in history. Look, I love Queen too, but take a look at who they idolized. Brian May reveres Jimmy Page and has made no secreat of it. Put on some Zeppelin with an open mind and you will never regret it.