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Nobody knows if God exists, so we should just live and let live. People can believe whatever they want. Just so you know, the word for believing that there is no way of knowing is agnostic. The word for being reborn is reincarnation (re in carnation [like the flower]). I belive in that because you can't go to heaven or hell because you don't hav a bain so you don't think. Also, since you don't have a brain, you can't see darkness either. I think the onlyway is to be reborn, not knowing anything. I personally believe that peple use their "God" as a scapegoat sometimes and it's not fair (we're sad he died, but it was God's will). They think that they're being respectful, but they're using him as a scapegoat, and I feel it's not fair, but they can believe whatever they want, and I'm fine as long as they keep it out of my government.

Posted in The United States: Secular or Religious? on 2008-08-25 23:10:09

I agree. You cant ask for us to have the questions required that don't apply to everyone. That being said, you did put a lot of effort into finding all the info of the religious books, but you seem to have overlooked the fact that Jews hate to be called hebrews. Hebrew is a language. Would you like for christians to be called latins, or any other language, depending on the sect. There is also no "greatest document ever written" and it definitely wasn't on your list, if there is one. Reluigion is good, but KEEP IT OUT OF MY GOVERNMENT!!!!!

Posted in Religious Education in Schools on 2008-08-25 23:03:08

I like religion. It is good. It is based on beliefs. Beliefs are what individals believe, and they should not be indoctrinated upon people. No religion, or lack thereof, is better than others. No religion, or lack thereof, is inferior. The only problem it that religious people (and evangelical christians are notorious for this) tend to feel that everyone should share their beliefs. School is a place where kids learn. It is equal opportunity, and it should be multicultural. It should include teaching, but no indoctrination. If you're studying world history in school, and it is important to the lesson to know the background, than it is okay to teach about the religion, but not to teach the religion, if you get what I'm saying. The whole point of America is to be a multicultural society, and not a christian society. I like religion, but KEEP IT OUT OF MY GOVERNMENT!

Posted in Do you consider America a Christian nation? on 2008-08-25 22:49:05

Open your eyes! Yes, the U.S. has a christian majority. American University is about 75% women. Does that make it a girl's school? The U.S. has many christians, but it also has Jews, Muslims (no rude comments please), hindus, sikhs, bahai, athiests, and agnostics, among others. People have different political beliefs, but o mastter what, if this doesn't get sorted out, it will remain an Obama-Nation (figure out the lame pun for yourself). Also, KEEP RELIGION OUT OF MY GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted in Bible - The word of god or what? on 2008-08-25 21:46:51

I agree. It was one of the best written polls i've seen in a long time. It was a little biased, but much less than some others. I feel that, since I don't have any strong ties to any religion, I can see the flaws of any religion, including my own. No religion is perfect, that's why there are so many. I believe that metaphors make up most of the bible. I belive that god is a metaphor. I believe that some things need to be taken as metaphors. the things that don't kill anyone, believe how you want, as long as you keep it out of my government. That being said, excellent quiz, bla bla bla.