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Posted in forced to crossdress for charity on 2010-01-21 14:45:45

When are you going to do this and you tell us your expericence

Posted in heels at work on 2009-10-08 17:47:22

have you done it?

Posted in What will my sister do to me? on 2009-05-19 05:33:47

ok my sister always puts one up there.. and she says only gay lil fags want to see pics. of guys dressed up.

this is brits sister if yall have any ideas on what to do to her then please feel free to say and i well make her do it!!!!!

Posted in What will my sister do to me? on 2009-04-29 17:37:43

now i am living with my sister and her two roommates..they all know that i like to be dressed up so they have locked my cloest and now i have to go to them to get dressed by them everyday.. its amazing!!! i go to work all dressed up and have so much fun bein dressed up 24/7...

my sister had a idea to take to the mall as a boy and one step at a time change me into a girl.. frist it started off with and nail saloon pink on the fingers and blue on the toes. then i had to go ask a lady if she could help me a victora sercet she picked out the same colored thong and push up bra... then in was to a clothes shop to and i had to ask another woman for help picking stuff out and she picked out a deim mini skirt and a pink top.. so now my sistertold me to walk around the mall like that then i went to the shoe store and asked a lady for help and she picked out these white 4 inch high heels that were open toe.. then my sister made me walk around our mall again then she took me to a hair saloon to get me fited for a wig and to get waxed. the lady picked out this black short hair look. o yea one of my sisters freind was on her time of the month and thought that i should share the experice so she put a tapon up my butt

Posted in Crossdressing on 2009-03-30 16:37:37

yea it still excites me but she don't have to blackmail me any more because the last time we were out i told her that i loved it