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Posted in Slapped legs on 2018-08-20 03:03:16

As my shorts were very short but very large on the legs, it happened when I was going commando, that my balls and sometimes my $%!@ stuck out from the legs of my shorts, I had just to spread or cross my legs in the bus or at the college library to display a part of my marvelous junk to the astonishment of the onlookers, especially the ladies and the female students, That elated me and made often my day.

Posted in Slapped legs on 2018-08-19 21:47:04

At 17 or 18 years old,still in short trousers because I was not as mature as I thought I was. Moreover, I was deluding myself into thinking that having my legs slapped by mom or dad could be arousing. Really, I didn't find it arousing at all when it occured; it was just very painful and made me often cry my eyes out. Wearing very short shorts at that age encourages them to slap or strap my milky and hairless legs thoroughly. It is just as easy and convenient having all this bare flesh availabe. I felt pretty vulnerable with a tickling in my belly and conscious of all this bare skin sometimes,especially in my very short summer shorts. When I used to sit down in them, they were practically up to my backside and showing a nice bulge I was so proud of and sometimes also the crack of my arse.I knew that my parents were aware of this too and would sometimes say tome things like: do you really want me to slap the bare legs of you. In an instant, I would get a boner which aroused me . But that threat was usually enough of a deterrent:a quick flick across my legs or thighs which gave me a short and intense burst of pain in order to stop me acting up. This worked for me and was happy with it Even at that age I needed firm guidance from mom and dad, established rules, a curfew, assigned home chores and in case of bad behaviour a slapping of the legs and for more serious offences, bare bottom spankings. I was not reluctant even at this age to have my shorts and und undies pulled down and to show my little willy and my creamy butt to mom and dad,

Posted in Slapped legs on 2018-06-19 23:35:23

Yes, I fond that the imprints of the hand and the strope and the scars left by the slapping very sexy. When after the slapping, I was sent to my room for a cooling period, looking in the mirror at the damage incurred, I could not help having an hard-on and coming. It was almost a secondary benefit of this kind of punishment I came paradoxically to enjoying leg smacking and I had to reckon that I was often misbehaving purposely to have my legs slapped. It was also a reason for playing with myself far from the sight of my parents.

Posted in Slapped legs on 2018-06-19 22:45:39

By the way, my father also slapped my legs while I remained in short trousers.Have you ever had your legs slapped? It is very painful and I always cried and wailed my heart out.Daddy would make me stand on a chair and raise the legs of my shorts in turn and either applied his hand or a leather strap making the backs of my thighs very red and sore, The redness would last for three or four hours after the slapping, so other people could see I had been punished this way. After 18, as an undergraduate, I was punished this way when I was wearing short trousers during the summer vacations. I would have my legs slapped by either Daddy or Mummy and this continued until I left home, I accepted this discipline because I believed that they were entitled to punish me this way and that I had to accept their parental authority and discipline while I remained living at home.

Posted in Are you a college student and still spanked? on 2017-06-23 03:57:17

Do you think that a college student male or female who got a tanning for a good reasonlike lazing out, skipping classes, not doing his chores or too much partying or breaking his curfew will call the police and indict his dad or mom for assault. It's ridiculous. What would the judge tell to this college student.He woud rather congratulate the parent for his or her firmess. authoriy and perceptiveness and blast the college student for his irresponsibility. Why do you question the honesty of this survey? Does an irresponsible or immature young man or woman have to give his or her consent to be punished when he or she is going astray?My parents have never asked for my consent before blistering well and thoroughly my bum. How could you be immune to corporal punishment the day after you reach the legal majority, 18 years old especially when you get used to be spanked since 8 years old.? When I was living with my parents, they took care to tell me that I would be still disciplined as I use to be if I was acting up or breaking the home rules. They kept their word ans I was spanked up to 22 years old and put back in short trousers for some long periods.