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Posted in War in Iraq on 2008-04-17 22:59:53

they dont give a damn they have had there brans alterd and they think the only way they will go to heven and se there god is if they kill for there leaders they killed a lot of people when they hit are towers and if we did not do any thing about this we would have been in a bigger lost period so if you dont like the war just go out there and never return to this free land.

cuz we dont want you hear. if you want to see any thing about the war and we did not go over there to find neqular wepens. we had heard that they had wepons of mass destruction wich if that is your deffintions of wepons of mass destructions then you need to get a life they turned a damn 777 in to a wepon of mass destruction you dumb $%!@

Posted in War in Iraq on 2008-04-17 22:54:32

do any of you guys have any inlisted family in the armed forces and do you guys remeber seeing the damn plains go it to are damn towers and all the suden we are the bad guys. Well maby you guys should go out there and never come back cuz the guys that flew the planes in to are towers were terrorists and it is realy amazing that if you do know any of are inlested men and wemen that have been out there we arnt killing inosints there own people are killing us and others

Posted in tropical fish on 2008-03-12 01:28:07

my bigest tank is a 340.69 leater tank with clown loaches and affrican cichleds my secound tank is a 208.2 leater tank with 2 sevrums one red necktie and a green, i have 5 tiger barbs a labido cromas a balivon ram , a clown loach, clown pleco and a feamle rainbow my therd tank is a 75.50 leater with a big frontosa that is geting put in to a 170 leater tank

Posted in Computer Combinations (Processor and Video Card) on 2007-12-13 23:07:12

hears some thing funy for you to see is that amd is teamed up with ati and nivida is a solo card if you team up ati an intel youl be amazed buy how the computer runs games and other things i have a intell with a ati X-800 pro and i have a amd with nvida, and it ran like crap put a ati in and it took my world to new places i am very pleased with my ati and intel


Posted in My Computer on 2007-12-13 22:51:41

i have like 5 comps with all sorts of stuff. i have a amd k6 full pc, amd k6 3d now full pc, amd 1000 xp bord and prosser and ram, intel p4 ht extream 2.4 ghz full pc will go in to detel in a few, intel p4 2.93 ghz full pc, i have a p4 ht 3.0 as well.

first intel custum build is a intell p4 ht extream 2.4, 2.4, 512mb, 250gb, x-800 pro 256mb, 2cd drives, 1 dvd burner/player, the secoud intel is a gateway ive modded to a great pc, 1 gig ram, 150gb , x800 pro over clocked, 1 cd burner.

the last one is a stock gateway