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Posted in BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC on 2008-04-20 05:47:16

I don't care if it's done discretely or not. I'd much rather have mom feed the baby than listen to it cry for twenty minutes. However, women must be prepared for men to stare at her if she does BF in public. Don't be so scandalized when the guy next to you has his eyes glued to your b00b. As for those who are opposed, LOOK AWAY! It’s not that hard.

Posted in Breast Milk on 2007-10-02 03:23:00

I remember as a teenager our neighbor lady was like thirty and had just had a kid a few months back. I was asked to watch the baby for a few hours while she got away. As she was going over what I should do if the baby woke up - it was asleep at the time - she showed me a bottle in the fridge. She told me it was her breast milk, and if the baby woke up crying I should use that to feed it. I guess this lady was one of those who used a pump to make sure she had plenty stored up ahead of time. Anyway, the baby didn't wake up, but I tasted the milk myself. It just tasted like milk. I guess I really missed out on sucking her t**ts. She was a pretty bosomy lady too. I wish I could have, but unfortunately this was my only experience with breast milk since the time when I myself was a baby.

Posted in Should The U.S. Attack Iran? on 2007-10-02 02:58:58


A.) Some of what you say is true Donald, but Afghanistan was not pro-Soviet at all, and it definitely didn't want the Soviet Union in its country. America did provide the Islamic rebels with weapons and training secretly through the CIA - following its traditional containment policy regarding communism. The Soviet retreat and stop of American support led to the Taliban gaining power. In fact, most would argue that the main reason Afganastan became the stronghold of radical Islamic terrorist groups was because we pulled out too soon, allowing thugs like the Taliban to come to power. Let us hope we don't make the same mistake in Iraq.

B.) America was pro-Iraq and pro-Saddam Hussein for a time, and we did encourage him to attack Iran - which he did. Let us not confuse this with Saddam being pro-American. This was simply a "lesser of two evils" move. The Ayatolla Khomeini, and the theocratic government of Iran had proved itself an enemy of America during the hostage crisis, while the dictator of Iraq - Saddam - had not. As mentioned above it was standard policy during the Cold War to support dictators rather than percieved hostile nations - communist countries and open enemies of America like Iran fell into this catagory.

C.) Saddam definitely did not ask our permission to attack Kuwait. Your statement "He went to war only after we told him!" is a total fallacy. Why would we say "Go ahead, attack it." and then kick him out using military force after his refusal to leave? That's not a trick question.

I'm not arguing for the invasion of Iran. I'm just saying don't make stuff up to try to say why we shouldn't do it. Arguements containing perversions of the facts are just propoganda.

Posted in The thruth about polls in MisterPoll on 2007-09-30 04:14:36

I think closer to 75% of the stuff you see is true. Most guys do wear briefs. I'm wearing a pair of tighty-whities right now. Locker rooms back up this fact. It is true that boxers are more popular among younger guys, but even here a lot of guys just wear them when around friends so they won't be made fun of. As far as paddles go, most childern are spanked. Fact! In the past this was almost always done with a paddle, often up until a fairly late age. I went to a private school where you could be paddled. A friend of mine was, and he told me the principal made him drop his jeans first so they would absorb the hit.

Posted in SLEEPOVER FUN on 2007-09-04 13:10:57

Ok, so maybe I exaggerated a little, but it is a basically true story that I spiced up to make it more interesting. After all, doesn't everybody tend to sensationalize crazy experiences when retelling them?