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Posted in Mixed wrestling; girls are better than guys on 2014-03-20 01:07:38

6 guys including the guy setting up this poll have now admitted to losing to girls in wrestling matches. In my experience the figure is not as high as 60-70% but it is certainly higher than most people would expect.

There are various reasons for this

Girls are getting better at fighting. Girls fight in the playground too these days. More girls are studying martial arts. Skill is the biggest determinant of who will win a fight, not strength, height or weight. I have been very easily pinned by a very pretty girl much smaller than me who was in my country's national judo squad.

Girls are going to the gym and getting fitter and stronger. Against a guy who goes to the gym and is of a similar skill level, they will still lose, but against an average guy who works in an office and does little exercise they will win, particularly as his lack of fitness means that his strength can very quickly halve as the match progresses and he wears himself out.

Girls have realised that, although their upper bodies are likely to be weaker than their male opponent their lower bodies are just as strong, and they are adept at using techniques like scissor holds to force men to submit.

Girls can use the feminine wiles so that the guy doesn't start struggling until it is too late and he is already in a tight secure pin.

Some girls are adept at going for a man's weak spot, with accurate kicks to the balls, or kneeing in the balls, or ball grabs, which allow them to quickly render a man helpless.

Some girls are adept at combination techniques such as the side head lock take down into a breast smother. The shock of the throw followed by the sexual confusion caused by being caught in the ladies cleavage, means that the man often does not struggle until it is too late, and by then the smother has taken effect weakening him further. He will invariably be unable to escape and will be forced to submit to avoid being knocked out by the lady's breasts. The humiliation of being defeated in this way will make the man increasingly submissive and he will then probably lose any future matches.

The same applies where the lady uses a front head lock and follows up with a school girl pin, which she then turns into a forward face sit. The sexual connotations of being smothered by the girls crotch will mean that the guy will not struggle until it is too late and in any case, this is impossible to bridge out from as you cannot bridge with your head. As before the guy will be forced to submit to avoid being knocked out and the clear sexual connotations will be make him submissive.

Similarly a girl catching the guy in a 69 head scissors can sit back into a reverse face sit for another version of the humiliating sexual smother defeat.

Posted in Nikki Campos Mixed/Messy Wrestling on 2013-07-09 19:57:38

In my experience a girl who is experienced at wrestling men in oil will usually beat most goes who are new to wrestling in oil.

Posted in Mixed Wrestling Headlocks on 2013-01-30 01:04:52


Thanks for getting in touch. Glad to know that I am not the only one who finds it difficult to avoid being put into a headlock by a girl, and then impossible to escape once she has applied it.


Posted in Mixed wrestling; girls are better than guys on 2012-06-18 23:00:02

It is good to see that three guys have admitted to losing to girls in wrestling matches. So much better that the usual I'm so strong that no girl could beat me that you usually get.

Posted in Facesitting knock outs on 2012-04-12 23:32:05

@CandleSnuffer. I agree. Many guys think that the only reason that guys like me get beaten by girls is because they give in because they enjoy it. However, I have definitely been genuinely beaten by girls on a number of occasions. Being pinned down in a breast smother or face sit might sound like fun at first, but I defy any guy not to struggle when he realises he is running out of air. However, by then it is often already too late. The lack of air has weakened you and the girl has had time to get comfortable in her pin. As for getting me in that position in the first place, I usually fall victim to head locks, and then to breast smother and grapevine or body scissor combinations, or to head scissors leading to and face sitting. Sometimes its kneeing or arm twisting. Being smothered always leaves me feeling very submissive towards the girl. Once she has done it to me a few times then she can generally order me into position for further smotherings without the need to wrestle me down.