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Posted in Speedo Teen Poll for Guys on 2010-10-12 08:39:21

Hey guys! CHECK this OUT! NOT exactly a thong, stretches to fit you, your bottom cheeks shows to the delight your girlfriend! Feels good, and my Gal LOVES it! From far away, looks like a regular speedo!



Posted in Problems Wearing your Speedos on 2010-10-02 09:54:02

So those pesky hairs won't pop out through the undersides of your speedos.

Posted in RICERS vs MUSCLE CARS on 2009-07-09 06:20:20


Posted in Poll about Herbal Medicine on 2009-06-24 09:36:12

Yes, it is great to be back. It is funny that my polls are dead, but thanks to the notification system that Mr. Poll provides, I guess because school is out, I got 2 responses to my polls. Other than that, my polls are ..... dead!

Isn't it sad, that sugar is suppose to be a natural sweetener, but all that processing and bleaching, practically made it ..... dangerous! If I have to use sugar, it is either honey or BROWN sugar..... I don't even eat white bread! It's wheat for me!

I was shocked when I read about how (cow) milk is so pasturized and homogenized, that it is distilled to a point, that is isn't cow milk anymore! The nutrients are all KILLED! So they ADD the Vitamin A and D to it! And the bread we eat, it is so processed, they ADD vitamins to replenish the vitamins LOST in the processing and baking! (to others reading this who is NOT familiar with the truth, READ the ingredience to the milk you drink and the bread that you eat! The vitamins are ADDED!)

Do I need to say about the green vegetables we buy at the super market? They add chemicals to keep it green... longer! ??? !!!

So, yeah, herbs are natural wonders that we humans should NOT live without it! I read that cinnamon can balance your blood/glucose levels, and thus prevent or CURE (I said CURE!!!!!!) diabetes!

Reishi and maitake mushrooms are used in PARTS of Japan (non-goverment controlled counties and prefectures... GO FIGURE!) to cure cancer! I better read up about German scientist who found a way to BURN cancer while a patient sleeps, and it suppose to be all natural! And it will NOT affect a persons health what-soever!

Yes, we should head back to nature. We should cut down on processed foods, and go herbal!

The proof is the non-goverment controlled towns of Japan, without doctors. Why do they live so healthy?

But I really want to stress PURPLE vegetables and fruits (anthocyanin). The most potent anti-oxidant under the sun!

The husks and shells that are thrown away from cocao and coffee, which is the most BEST part of the plant! HIGH in anto-oxidant!

And the BEST herbal cure-all around. The common aloe plant! Heals burns, and gastric problems, as well as internal cleansing! Too much stress? Got ulcers? Cancerous growth? Eat an aloe cactus!

Posted in Poll about Herbal Medicine on 2009-06-22 09:18:46

Aloha Totorosan,

I am BACK! School was a KILLER! Vacation's here, and here I am! Ready to pi.ss government watch dogs again! Namely, the FDA!

Graviola and ginger are NATURAL ingredients that is FAR BETTER, SAFER, and more effective in combating CANCER than the dangerous chemotheropy and radiation!! In other words... CURE! You hear ME, you EVIL FDA?!

Coffee husk and the chocolate SHELL, all thrown way, is HIGHLY potent in anti-oxidant properties! Some mamufacturers process these throw-away shells and husks into a potent anti-oxidant supliment!

The purple tomato, or figs, purple cabbage, all get its purple color from anthocyanin, a powerful anti-oxidant. I read that you can improve your eyesight and stull, and even revearse your age with purple vegetables.

The evil FDA is speaking against my remedy that me, and friends and family PROVES it works to combat the common cold, even the flu! ZICAM! And I can STILL smell! Only a few people who probably lost their sense of smell from the RESULTS of the cold, or dumb-dumbs who over dose themselves with Zycam, lost their sence of smell, as well as their minds!

I believe God gave us all these NATURAL plants to aid in our many afflictions. We do NOT need to give in to the money hungry, over paid doctors who would give their patients pills that would run patients broke, and make the federal government rich. In other words, if we buy home rememdies instead of doctor's prescriptions, the federal government will run BROKE!

In the small towns of Japan, there is NOT a single doctor for miles, YET these citizens live well into their 90s, even into 100s!!! Eat natural!

There's this extremely STINK-like-cr.ap fermented soy beens that is a blob of brown sticky goo, that is KNOWN in Japan and scienctist and a few doctors here in the U.S. as nato. Nato is a NATURAL blood thinner as well as ginger. Eat nato (if you can stand the horid smell) if you want to PREVENT a heart attack or stroke! Why take that rat poison call coumadin and warafin?
And from the Kagawa Mountains on Shikoku Island, there is a sweet potato, which is grated into a gooey blob that is eaten and CURES Type-2 diabetes! It's called yayai imo. Fuji-Sangyo manufactures an extract of this potent potato starch!

If Japan can prove it to the world that THEY can live HEALTHY with OUT doctors, why not.... The United States of America?! OOooohhhhh.... the FDA is SURELY PIS.SED!

:) ........ :0