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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2021-08-03 09:21:49

The Pultec is basically an EQ with some slight saturation characteristics. It allows the user to cut frequencies (cutting means subtracting frequency content that isn't wanted), or boost frequencies, which adds additional high-end and low-end respectively.

The 1073D also includes a variable digital delay in/out and compression/limiting.

This device can be used for all musical purposes, but it is especially great paired with various drum machines since it makes them sound more "real" than ever before. This the bulk of its usage by many producers when mixing their tracks; high end boosting helps clarify the instruments in stereo mixes, so people who want any reflections preserved can do so quite easily through these tools without destroying other sounds in the mix.

Pultec VST plugins are used by countless producers worldwide, and are some of the most "vintage" sounding plugins that are available today. They allow a producer to give their track an almost mono-like sound (in the case of high addition), which is great for adding more presence to sounds in a mix that may otherwise be lost under other elements.

A common use of the Pultec VST is when mixing anything with a piano.

In general, it's used on any sound that needs to shine in the mix and be heard clearly without getting lost under other sounds. This is one of the best emulation plugins for adding nice high frequencies and some extra crunch to drums for example. It can also be very useful as a mastering tool, to give the listener an impression of high end without overdoing it (which may make some things sound extremely harsh/bright).

The Pultec Highpass Frequency is a very important knob on the original hardware version. It has been emulated well in order to preserve its exact character. This allows you to add extra brightness to a sound that may be too dark, and it can help make room for other elements in the mix. It's not one of the main tools you'd use on this plugin, but you should keep it in mind when mixing.

The Pultec adds character to any sound that is fed through it; most commonly, low end is being enhanced, and the high end is making sounds "brighter" (high mids are boosted). This can be very useful on many different sources, from vocals to 808s. Boosting low end will make a track sound thicker/stronger in general so that's definitely something you should consider doing if your mix needs it. It can also help you make a particular sound more "punchy" without having to sacrifice other elements in the mix; boosting high end can help you restore clarity to a sound or track, making it appear louder and generally brighter.