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Posted in Was Muhammad (peace be upon him) a terrorist on 2006-08-11 22:33:44

How pathetic can you be o_0

Posted in Non Muslims on 2006-08-11 21:44:11

Why do people think muslims are terrorists?! islam means peace!... Where did terrorists come into islam? ... oh yeah, THE MEDIA... 90% of what you know about muslims is from the media... the media only show the 10% of muslims that have extreme beleifs...LIKE EVERY OTHER RELIGION. ... only with islam, its not just the person that would be labled as 'terrorist' but the religion as a whole! Dont judge Islam by the very few you see on the tv or newspapers etc... Judge Islam by what it teaches! Islam teaches nothing but peace, you obviously dont know much about the religion... get your facts, read up on it or something... and then judge.

Posted in The Importance of Ramadan on 2006-08-11 19:34:21

Good on you! Good to know that there are people at young ages such as yourself that have a strong feeling for their religion. I am also quite young (15 years old) and think that islam has certainly been shown by the media in the wrong way. Islam teaches nothing but peace. Like you said, every religion has their 10% of people that have somewhate extreme beleifs. The problem is, when it is a muslim, not only the person is labeled 'extreme, aggresive, violent' etc, but the religion as a whole is labeled this... AND is shown to the world by media! Therefore... ISLAM is given a bad name in the minds of the people that have watched/read about the acts. I just think that people should judge islam for what it teaches and not for the 10% of muslims shown on media.

Posted in The Importance of Ramadan on 2006-08-11 18:57:16

Your being very sterotypical, Islam actually means peace, so how can it be a religion of aggresion!? about 90% of what you know of islam is from the media, where all you see is the very few of the muslims around the world that have gone extreme in their beleifs. Dont judge islam for the muslims, jusdge it for what islam teaches, Read the Quraan and then tell us what islams about!! i dont know how old you might be, but im only 15, and i got more sence in me to realise that the media only speaks of what it wants viewers to see... and clearly, the media wants to portray Islam to be 'aggresive' ... and obviously you have shown that they have succeeded.

Islam has been obviously brought to you in the wrong way, Before you judge the religion, research, read the Quraan, Question some muslims that know about the religion properly... judge islam and not the 10% of muslims that you see by media.