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Nixon ended the Vietnam war,together with Kissinger.But it was these two who escalated it(in 1970),dropping more bombs on Vietnam in one year,than in the previous five years combined...just at the time the pendulum had swung and most Americans had come to oppose the war.Their strategy didn't work. And it was China,Nixon opened up relations with.For this,I admit he deserves much credit...especially since that huge country had become a nuclear power. Johnson--I believe-- was a hapless victim of history,in that he inherited the Vietnam policy from Kennedy,who had inherited it from Eisenhower,following France's abandoning of their colonies and the Soviet and Chinese infiltration. In hindsight,I would have said;"screw Vietnam--let the bastards have it,and focus on re-enforcing other more winnable interests.But it seemed to make sense at the time.Next to something like the Bay Of Pigs,it looked like a master-strategy.I would have ended it in '68,when Nixon began his first term;which he didn't. In case your statement wasn't rhetorical---Nixon was spying on Democratic Party headquarters;which was really,really bad. Bush is near the bottom....not for his policies,so much as for his strategies.The rationale for the invasion of Iraq makes Vietnam look like a no-brainer,in comparison. Carter is the totalitarian-loving moron who essentially allowed the Islamic Revolution(essentially Islam meets Marx)to happen,when checking it would have been a folk-dance,next to deterrence in Vietnam.The Taliban in Afghanistan might never have happened and Iran would not be run by the Persian versions of Jim Jones(a psychotic cult-leader).

Based on what you say--that guns aren't that great a protection--it stands to reason that they can't be that great an offensive weapon either...so why all the fuss about gun control?

What about the scum-bag,Nixon...or the idiot(as well as ordained minister)Carter?

Posted in Rules for my Wife on 2008-03-20 19:42:11

Unfortunately for all of us...a retro-grade one.

Posted in Rules for my Wife on 2008-03-20 19:40:13