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Posted in Conservative or Liberal? Find out! on 2007-03-14 02:52:51

Die hard liberals believe in the right to gun ownership because they believe it is a personal freedom. They just believe there should be some restrictions against people who are known felons. Also, liberals believe that males and females can both legally do a job,but not that it needs to be changed to accomodate women. Liberals don't believe that making a lot of money is bad, they just think that a percentage should go toward paying for public needs. You're allowed to make as much money as you want, but some have to go to taxes. This poll is completely biased and doesn't show liberals correctly.

Posted in BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC on 2007-03-04 00:45:26

We are talking about feeding a BABY here. Why do people always find it necessary to compare breastfeeding to peeing, having sex, showing their genetalia, or some other thing that has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Breasts are THERE to feed babies.

Posted in Should Women be Allowed to Drive? on 2007-03-04 00:38:07

No, statistics DO NOT show that women blame men for more accidents, they show that MEN GET IN MORE ACCIDENTS. Get a life and get your head out of your $%!@.

Posted in Palmer B3 Abortion on 2007-03-04 00:34:01

I'm sorry to break it to you, but that is just your opinion. You are not the almighty know-it-all of the universe that can tell everyone what is right and wrong.

Posted in The Woman's Role on 2007-03-04 00:23:04

If your wife is happy being a homemaker, then that is great. But once people start saying that it is every woman's duty to be a homemaker, that is wrong. People need to stop being so close minded and realize that women are people too. They have brains and they can decide what to do with their lives. They have no more duty to stay at home than their husbands do.