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Posted in Short trousers for all schoolboys on 2012-06-12 13:04:14

I am 23 but my dad sounds rather like you and took the view that boys at school up to 18 should wear short trousers and long socks rather like you make your son wear. it certainly stopped me getting into trouble as I was careful not to be seen outside dressed this way and the rule was only enforced at home but I had to get permission to go out in long trousers which was usually only granted when I went to school. It was a discipline that was forced upon me and I was caned for any disobedience. I was made to go outside in them sometimes but used to go on my bike when I could and pulled my socks down but that earned me a caning more than once for what he called defiance.

I am glad he did not keep that up until twenty! Even at 16 I still had to change into grey shorts as soon as I got home on schooldays and put on long socks with the school colours on the turnover tops which boys in the prep department wore and keep the rest of my uniform on. At weekends and in holidays I had to wear corduroy shorts also with long socks and sometimes the grey school shorts and this was all the year round. I actually did not mind wearing them if it wasn't for being seen. The way it was though it was definitely punishment as far as I was concerned and I really started to behave myself both to avoid the cane but also to get dad to ease of the short trousers rule which he did when I had proved myself.


Posted in School Caning on 2012-06-10 15:18:19

Sorry Matt

Didn't mean to be flippant in my last sentence about having four years to go. I read on another topic that you got caned a few days ago along with your brother so it's probably a bit fresh in your mind even if you can't feel it anymore. You are right that the punishment is over with quickly but it still hurts loads afterwards and I always cried even at 16.


Posted in School Caning on 2012-06-10 13:06:57

Hi Matt

I left school in 2007 and there was no corporal punishment at all whilst I was there but like you my dad used to spank and slipper me and from 11 or 12 started to use a cane at home from time to time. You're right about how much it hurts especially on the bare behind. I used to wish they did have caning at school still because behaviour would have ben a lot better in class and I could have done better than I did at school even though I was generally well behaved. I was too scared of dad's cane to risk getting detentions.

I was nearly 17 when I got th cane last so maybe you still have 4 years to go. lol.


Posted in Short trousers for all schoolboys on 2012-06-04 13:09:38

That was my dad's view. He made me dress in short trousers at home up until I left school and also caned me when I deserved it. I was nearly 17 the last time and I decided then to turn over a new leaf and not get it again. I am 23 now. The strict discipline I had did me a lot of good which I think I even realised when I used to get the stick.


Posted in Short trousers for all schoolboys on 2011-02-07 09:44:32

Dear Robbie

I am sorry for the link but I was only saying what happened. If my father had not used corporal punishment I doubt if I would have worn the short trousers he insisted upon.