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Posted in Who was Jesus? on 2008-07-27 14:10:33

If you feel that the answers are too limited you can just bypass the question. Yes the poll is extremely biased, it was designed that way. I am Jewish and from studying the life and beliefs of Jesus I see little comparison to Christianity. Many presumptions made by Christians are not based on anything found in the bible. The goal here is to see what your perception is, and offer other choices, including factual ones.

In the old poll results it has been running about 50/50 whether Jesus was a rabbi. Either he is or isn't. The bible clearly shows that he was considered to be a rabbi, even by his own mouth. But you don't hear any Christian referring to their rabbi, or to Rabbi Jesus, although that is what his disciples called him. This demonstrates a huge historical and theological gap between the faith and perception of the first disciples and those of Christians.

I hope that you might see Jesus for the Jewish Rabbi that he is, and how his Judaism was hijacked by a counter religion formed by Greeks and Romans.

Posted in GOD's Choice over man-made 'DRUGS'. on 2006-07-23 21:24:51

The problem with that misconception is that it is physiologically imposible to be addicted to cannabis. I don't know why this rumor still persists. It is like someone saying they were addicted to apples. Maybe in their mind they were, but physiologically they weren't. For the millions of people that it helps without any side-effect, it certainlly should not remain illegal. God made it, it helps us, amen.