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why do that? when i was young i was ordered to pee sitting down,and always sit to pee.Why not make all males learn to sit when they pee,it would be so much easier for you girls

Posted in Is oral sex considered sex? on 2006-06-29 07:41:38

it is sex,like when i get on my knees and suck my big brothers $%!@ ,that is $%!@,and i love sucking him till he $%!@ in my mouth,he has told me often that i can make him $%!@ harder than any girl can

Posted in incest yes or no on 2006-06-29 07:30:50

lucky you!I would love to be you anytime.I am a crossdresser who loves to dress fem and do anything to please a men .Did you like it when your grand mother dressed you fem?I would have loved it and begged her to dress me often

Posted in incest yes or no on 2006-06-29 07:24:11

i had sex with both my younger and older brothers,my older brother taught me hwat to do to please him and i did what i was told to satisfy both of them.i loved doing everything and dont regret anything.I did tell my big brother i wish he would have told his friends and invited them over so i could have been with all the guys

Posted in Incestuous Happenings on 2006-06-29 07:16:21

good for you ,i was happy when my big brother would let me suck his $%!@, i usually had to beg for it but always made him enjoy it,He was the one to start it ,and i always wished dad would find out and join in,it would have been so much fun to have both of them $%!@ in me