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Posted in All about you on 2013-02-26 20:24:42

I love being in my bare feet. I'm in bare feet now, as I took this poll. When I get home, the first thing i do is take my shoes and socks off and stay in bare feet. When my friends come to visit me, I always tell them to take their shoes and socks off when they come in. Some of my friends don't mind, but a couple of friends don't like being in bare feet, but I make sure that they take their socks off when they come in, so they are barefoot like me! It's great!

Posted in bare Feet stuff on 2011-02-20 16:08:45

I love being in bare feet. I'm always in bare feet at home, and I always do PE at school in bare feet (even though some other boys always wear trainers). I've started going to a local 'keep fit' gym after school at at weekends and you are supposed wear trainers in the gym (where the equipment is) and normally I do even though I don't like it. But the other day I was getting changed in the changing rooms, and as I was taking my shoes and socks off (to put my shorts and trainers on) I got a sudden urge not to bother putting trainers on. I pulled my shorts on and my bare feet felt so good and sticky on the hard floor and it felt so normal that I just couldn't face wearing trainers so I thought the hell with it, and stuffed my trainers into the locker, and just walked out of he changing room in bare feet!

It felt so good walking up the stairs to the gym area. I was expecting someone to say something, but nobody did, though I got a couple of strange looks off other people. I didn't care though, as it just felt too good and right to be in bare feet. Unfortunately, after I'd been using the equipment for a bit, one of the gym instructors told me I had to put some shoes on or leave. So I decided to leave. But it felt great though!

Posted in bare feet crazy on 2010-11-13 16:37:36

I love being in bare feet! In PE its always shoes and socks off for me, even though it's not the rules. Some other boys do PE in bare feet, some hate it, though I'm always trying to persuade those who wear socks and trainers to take them off and join me in bare feet bliss!

At home, we don't have a bare feet rule, but I tell my friends they have to take their shoes and socks off when they come in. I'm always in bare feet at home. We don't have a trampoline, but my friend does, but he always keeps his socks on when he goes on it, whereas I always take my socks off. It just feels way better to be in bare feet!

Posted in saturday detention on 2010-09-09 18:09:17

Never had to strip down to boxers, but a few times me and my friend have had detention which has been held in the gym. Because shoes are not allowed in the gym, we have to take our shoes off, but the teacher makes us take our socks off too, so we had to do the whole detention in bare feet! I loved it, but my friend hated it.

Posted in where do you leave your shoes and socks for pe on 2010-07-04 16:18:16

It varies at my school. Bare feet is optional in PE, and those boys that choose to do PE in bare feet usually leave their shoes and socks in the changing room, along with the rest of their school uniform. We just walk to the gym in bare feet (I always do PE in bare feet).

Sometimes though, those boys that wear socks & trainers in PE are required to take them off in the gym (perhaps they are dirty, or not suitable, or the teacher just decides they should) and when this happens they usually take them off in the gym and either leave them outside or pushed into the corner.