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Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2021-11-22 02:29:31

@Jessica Smaleryder You are quite the tickler, you must have a very undiscipline boy under your watch. Do you mind taking my poll?


Posted in Schoolboy Pinning on 2021-11-13 04:00:45


That sounds like torture! (but also kinda hot lol) As for underwear i normally wear boxers, but I see you're more of a jockey man, so I don't mind wearing one if we ever get in a match. Actually, do u mind emailing me at theneedyone25@protonmail.com? Id love to talk to u more in private about what we would do to each other (or really what you would do to me lol) during tickle matches ;) (i respond decently quick too)

Posted in Schoolboy Pinning on 2021-11-12 00:19:31


Hey ticklebully, your comments are really something (and kinda hot)! You definitely know how to handle a man in a tickle off match. I wonder how you would deal with me?

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2021-11-12 00:15:15

@Leon Shark

Wow, you are very ruthless and thorough, although I should have expected that from the answers you gave on my poll lol. This is kinda embarrassing but do you mind emailing me at theneedyone25@protonmail.com Leon Shark? Ever since I saw your response to my poll I cant stop thinking about you/your methods of punishments (on me specifically lol). I would love to chat more about this and your amazing methods of tickling/the way in which you tell how a punishment would go down.

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2021-10-17 01:50:23

@Leon Shark

You are an excellent tickler, very detailed and meticulous in your posts. Its amazing. And thanks for taking my poll! (I'll admit I blushed a bit when i read it, kind of wish you were one of my parents. Would u like to meet up some time lol?)