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Posted in white men would you like to be with black women on 2006-05-24 15:47:15

You want to know what's up with all of the race mixing polls. Well first you can not attach race to love. When you have feelings for a man you like him for the person he is not for the color of his skin. You begin to look past what color they are because your emotions become tied to that person there is nonthing anyone can do about that, that is the way love goes. You cannot control anyone's feelings for another this is a inner thing some people feel a certain way and sometimes they don't even know why. All they know is that I am in love with him, yes I know he is white but I love him. There is nonthing you can do about this.You need to worry about youself. Interracial dating is becoming white spread across the world wheather they are a white man and black woman or black man and white woman people are going to be together regardless of what others think, because when your feelings become involved you can expect this to happen. You can not say you will never date or marry a certain race because your heart could lead you to them. If something does not involve you, you need to leave it alone. You may not date out of your race but you are not everyone else God gave us all freewill, you do what you want and that is exactly what other people are doing when it comes to dating and marriage.

Posted in white men would you like to be with black women on 2006-05-24 00:03:43

It's not that us black women are bitter towards you black men; but black women get tired of black men's ways. The majority of black men are lazy, not responsible or not financial stable, you cheat, most are incarcerated,you don't treat black women right, you degrade us,or you are with some white woman because most of you think we are not good enought. Well it is time that you appreciate us well I think it is too late for that because white men already do. How long did you think we would put up with this? I am not trying to say white men are better than black men but, white men treat us better and when it comes to dating and marriage white men step up to the plate and are actually better lovers and men. White men are responsible and do what they are suppose to do when they are suppose to.They just know how to make us happy something black men can not do. How could you say that white men beat and rape black women?. IT's time that you leave slavery alone that's in the past and not all white men are that way. They cannot help what their ancestors have done. And you can not compare the beating and raping of slavery with the Duke rape case so don't go there ever again. More and more white men are dating black women and you are going to see more of it like never before because more white men are not afraid to tell black women how they feel about us.And they are starting not to care what other people think about them dating black women. So get use to this and let go of white men dating black women. We are moving up black women are strong and hardworking we deserve better.

Posted in white men would you like to be with black women on 2006-05-23 15:34:40

I would like for you to be more confident about yourself. You should not feel bad about your body type every man was made differently however, later down the road you could change your size if this makes you unhappy. As me being a black woman I love white men of different body types. I like skinny white men and so do some other black women and yes I would date a skinny white man. But,before you start dating any black woman try to stop the negative talk about your body. Black women will pick up on how you feel about yourself before you even open your mouth. And since you said you were too puny, skinny, and weak or you act like you are unhappy with your body type you will push black women away from you, and they will think and also say you are too skinny. Although, you are a skinny white man you can change your charcter into a strong white man who feels good about his self and then more black women would respect you for the size you are and your body type will no longer matter to them.