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Posted in males: unpartioned toilets on 2013-09-06 01:54:51

That's so intense. I took your quiz thinking you meant urinals the whole time, not toilets. I can't imagine having like horrible diarrhea and there's someone right beside you taking a dump! OMG XD. I can imagine if you knew these people, you'd feel more and more comfortable the longer you were around them. But the first few months would have been crap LOL. It's all really a self-consciousness thing. Cuz I really have no problem seeing someone on the toilet, I'm not embarrassed for them. It's something we all have to do... it's people watching me I have the problem with.

But it really helps when someone is open about embarrassing things from the get go. On a school trip I had to share a room with a guy I had just met that week. I was nervous about sharing a bathroom, hoping that I could go number 2 when he was asleep. But the minute we got to the room he announced "man I need to take a big $%!@" and not only did he march right in, he left the door open! He said he always did that at home, and he said it's a good way to break the ice. At first I was freaked out, but when I need to take a crap later, I had no qualms about doing so while he was in the room, though I closed the door lol. We became really close though, so I guess being open really is the best way to make friends.

The experience I have with open urinals was at school, but not my school. It was a school my class was visiting. We all had to line up and go to the bathroom. They sent in four boys at a time. The door never really closed, and I was horrified when I looked in and saw one long metal trough, no dividers, no separate urinals. We just had to line up with our $%!@ out! I tried to get out of the line, but my teacher told me, we wouldn't be able to stop on the way back to school, and I really needed to go. I don't think anyone looked at my $%!@, but if they had looked over, they definitely would have seen it. The funniest part was that my best friend was ahead of me, and turned around without realizing when he heard my voice and flashed me XD

Posted in girls, would you date me on 2012-04-23 05:26:42

Hey Ryan. I didn't do the poll, cuz I'm a guy, but I read it because you were nice in the comments of one of my polls. My favourite "would you date me" question was the one where you mentioned liking theme parks. I love theme parks. I think that'd be a great place to take a girl on a date. Too bad there's no parks like that near where I live.

Posted in Male Daily Routine (Hygiene, Skincare, etc.) on 2011-03-24 00:51:51

Thank you very much, Ryan :) I'm glad you liked it.

Posted in are YOU circumcised? -males only on 2011-03-19 07:25:40

Maybe the guys in Europe you met smell, but not many uncut guys I know do. I think it might be due to genetics. Even If I don't wash for a month (I was survival camping ^.^), there is no smell or anything to wash. I think some foreskins just breathe better, you've probably been with guys who have really tight foreskins or secrete a lot of stuff / are sweaty or something. I had no idea about the existence of a $%!@ smell or $%!@ cheese or anything until I read about it. I have cut friends here in Canada who think my $%!@ is exactly like their's but the head doesn't show flaccid. Hard we look the same, except my $%!@ head looks way better and healthy; it's not dry, cracked, pale, or rough like cut guys' AND I have no disgusting circumcision scar like many cut guys have. Looks wise, especially hard, uncut, I have to say, is better to me, far better. And I'm not biased by being surrounded by uncut guys, almost all my friends are cut. At first I felt different, but since everyone I've been with has loved it, and thought there was so much to do with it and such high sensitivity, I am confident that being uncut is better than being cut, at least here in Canada, where it's pretty normal. Just to make it clear, I don't find uncut $%!@ that smell or have cheese in the least bit attractive, that's offensive, and to my experience, rare. I also have nothing against most cut $%!@, I would just prefer to be with guys who are uncut most of the time. I agree with the first commenter in that it has to do with being used to things, that nipple analogy was great. Long live the foreskin :)

Posted in Sailor Scouts on 2010-11-29 04:33:48

She's cute, not ugly...