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Posted in Sisters beating Brothers on 2007-06-02 06:10:37

I've been beaten by my neighbour too. She's only a year younger than me, but she can easily crush a submission from me.

Posted in Wrestling against celebrities. on 2007-04-25 05:35:28

I wanna wrestle the Olsen twins!

Posted in Sisters beating Brothers on 2007-01-28 15:32:56

My sister is 17, two years older than me. Almost every time we wrestle, she wins. Our neighbours are two girls, one 16 (Stephanie), one 14 (Emma). Stephanie can beat me and her sister, my sister can beat all of us. I had a wrestling match with Emma yesterday...

We were around her house, the four of us. My sister and Stephanie were watching, and me and Emma were wrestling on a matress. We agreed on the terms - we would wrestle in our underwear, winner by KO. I went down to boxers, and she to panties only, showing her breasts. I was taller than her, probably heavier, about as fast. I was going to win. Then we started.

She went down and grabbed me by the legs, pulling me down. I fell on top of her and she let go in suprise. It was then an easy job to sit down on her bare back. She struggled but I kept her down. Then I put her arms over my legs and pulled her chin up into a camel clutch. She struggled again, moaning in pain. I grinned and used one hand to pull her hair, forcing her head furthur back.

I didn't see her legs come up, but a moment later, they were around my chest and squeezing. I let go of her and tried to pull her legs off. It was hard, but she was inexperienced with scissors and I managed it eventually. I rolled her onto her back and sat on her stomach, wrapping my legs around her body and arms to keep her still. Then I began pinching her breasts.

She screamed in pain and thrashed about beneath me. Once again she brought her legs up, around my head this time. She threw me off and I found myself on my back. Emma quickly sat on top of me, holding my wrists. She was heavier than I'd thought. She smiled down at me and then dropped her breasts onto my face.

This time it was me struggling against her. I was helpless beneath her, and couldn't do anything until she moved them off me. She slid forward slowly so she was sitting on my neck.

"Don't feel bad that you're loosing to a younger girl," she said. "Some people would love to be in this position." She knelt over me now, and turned around so her arse filled my vision. Then she sat down.

I wrapped my arms around her and tried to pull her off, but I couldn't move her. She just kept me lying there, barely moving. After a while, she grabbed my hands and moved them a little, so they were down the front of her panties. Then she closed her legs tightly around them.

I woke up about half an hour later. I had lost the match. Emma was sitting on my chest. she sat on my face once more until I passed out again.

Posted in Mixed Teen Wrestling on 2006-11-02 19:26:13

One time I was at my friend Adam's house. We were both 15. In the morning his sister (15) and her friend (15) came in. Me and Adam were in boxers and the girls were wearing T-shirts, but were otherwise naked. They pulled us out of bed and lay us on the floor. His sister sat forward on my face, and her friend reverse on his! I could just see her crotch as she rubbed it in my face. I tried to pull her off put she grabbed my legs and held them still. I heard Adam struggling with the other girl. His sister turned around so she was sitting reverse and made me sniff her arse. SHe pulled my boxers off and I felt her bare feet around my $%!@. I put my arms around her stomach and managed to roll her over, so I was on top of her and she was on her front. I pulled off her T-shirt so we were both naked. Then I rolled her onto her back and sat on her face with my $%!@ in her mouth. Adam was still trapped under the other girl. I moved onto his sister's neck and sat on her breasts while covering her face with my hand. She passed out. I left her and went over to Adam. Him and the other girl were now naked. I jumped her from behind as she rubbed her $%!@ in his face. I scissored her body and used one hand to hold her arms and the other to grab her breast. She begged me to stop, so I rolled her onto her front and sat on her. Adam had passed out. I picked up the girl and carried her over to Adam's sister, and picked her up too. I now had a girl over each shoulder. I carried them over to the bed and threw them down. I then sat on them both. Adam's mum came in and she saw what I was doing. She stripped naked and grabbed me. She put me in a bearhug and ADam's sister scissored my head from behind while the other girl scissored from the front, rubbing her crotch in my face. Adam came over and his mum trapped his head between her thighs. My mum came in as the front door was unlocked to pick me up. She stripped and joined in. After a struggle, my mum had Adam's sister's friend in a Camel Clutch, Adam's sister was smothering me with her breasts and Adam's mum had him in a Boston Crab. Adam and me submitted.

Posted in Wrestling teens on 2006-10-18 15:20:54

Naked Girls

My sister and two of her friends are all 17, I am a 15 year old boy. They were all naked. My sister sat between my legs and pushed her feet into my balls while holding my legs apart. One of her friends, Maddie, sat on my chest with her feet in my mouth. Then the Asian girl, Kumana, sat on Maddie's feet and on my face.