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Posted in Black Women Dating White Men on 2006-04-25 06:23:39

Say you're proud to be Black but have a white person by your side. I'm so glad that you sistas are in the minority just like the WEAK AZZ "BROTHAS" who date white women, maybe you white man loving "sistas" should get together with the white woman loving "brothas" because you both have something in common, and that is SELF-HATRED.

Posted in Black Women Dating White Men on 2006-04-25 06:20:47

@Royal Blu

Sorry "SOUL SISTA" but you're TALKING BLACK AND SLEEPING WHITE, and any sista who dates MR.WHITEBREAD has no soul at all.

I can't stand you d@mn sellouts.

Posted in Mens point of view on black women. on 2006-04-25 06:11:14

That these relationships forums are plagued with Concubine Black Women and their White Slave Masters. Where in the hell are the polls dealing with Black/Black love,relationships, marriages? You all are filled with so much hatred for the Black man, that you are too blind to realize that the all the white man wants is sex from you, so he can go and brag to his friends about nailing a "Black Ho". These pale honkeys feel some kind of sick sexual entitlement to Black women by way of history courtesy of slavery, and you all are foolish enough to fall into their trap. The lie that the White man is a gentleman is only a myth, just like the false belief that every Black man is a misogynist, don't fall for the WHITE LIES. You disrespect the Black man like he's a piece of $%!@, well I got news for you THE WHITE MAN IS NOT GOD.

Are always created by Black man hating Black women and they are always answered by sex-starved rednecks, am I missing something here? You Black women on this site are so foolish til it's sickening, you really believe that your plight in America is due to the Black man. The reason for the Black woman's plight are the majority of the ones who are answering your questions, do your history and learn from it before you take sides with white men or should I say the WHITE DEVIL.

If a white person EVER calls me a n!gger, I'll make it my business to buss their sh!t.