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Posted in How Informed/deluded are Americans? 911 Iraq on 2006-12-26 21:16:10

I "ditto" this question to the author of the poll. It is clear that he is not an American and that he is siding with foreign nations against the U.S. Personally, I do not give a rat's $%!@ about what the rest of the world thinks about our actions.
We are a sovereign nation and we have the right to defend ourselves. France can sniff and cry over their "whine" glasses about what we do in our own country, but who cares?

What we Americans are really dealing with here is the fact that our President and our government in general is colluding to form a new world order, so they are all guilty of treason. I say impeachment hearings are too long in coming.

Posted in How Informed/deluded are Americans? 911 Iraq on 2006-12-26 21:05:13

First off, you lost a lot of credibility with me with your lack of spelling skills. ("Speach" is correctly spelled, "speech"...etc.) And I agree with the first message here, that you show a lot of resentment towards the U.S. political system. Just because there exists an abundance of corruption in our government and in our media it does not follow that our form of government, our concept of a media outlet "for the people", and our electoral system are in themselves evil. Yes, the "people" need to rally for change, even if it means a revolution similar to the one we fought early in our history as a nation. As far as tribunals are concerned, I do not think that Americans should be tried in a global court. I am wary of the United Nations and their efforts to subvert the sovereignty of the United States. I am also suspicious of the motives of Pres. Bush with his open border policy, and I agree that he is colluding with other nations to build the global new world order. He should be impeached, but our country and form of government should not be eliminated. Human beings are indeed flawed, and there is plenty of "self-interest" to spread around, but what is the alternative to human beings establishing a form of government? What would you suggest? NO government? Oh, that would make life ever so much more pleasant, wouldn't it? Get real! When no government or laws exist, anarchy prevails!

Posted in 9/11 on 2006-12-26 20:39:41

I see your point on the in-between answers; I should have provided more, particularly in the question you cited. However, I in terms of the answers that say he's done a good job and that he should be impeached, are you denying that there are those out there that hold that opinion? I was curious to see what percentage think that way. Also, why is impeachment so far-fetched? You say he has not committed anything that is "proveable"? How do you know, until there is an adequate and full investigation of the President by Congress? And, don't forget that impeachment is merely articles drawn up against the President and can be drawn up for as "little" an offense as losing the confidence of "we the People". Impeachment resulting in removal from office can only be determined by the both branches of the Legislature, and usually the Senate is the branch that holds back, as it did with Clinton.

Thundergod, you call yourself a Christian and then go on to rail against tradition? Have you read nothing about what St. Paul and Timothy said about authority, tradition, and keeping to the "faith handed to you"? Church authority determines what is and isn't acceptable to God in terms of divorce. As most protestants do, you are picking and choosing which biblical passages apply to the situation. You also say that tradition will change..what, to adapt to your viewpoint? You accuse Geezer of acting like a child, yet you are doing as much in "playing" a Church authority and biblical scholar. St. Paul would put you over his knee and give you a good spanking, l'il one!

Posted in Lifestyle choice VS being made this way on 2006-07-14 03:08:25

For some reason, the system here turned into a swear word an organ of the male body and a common word used for the function of that organ. Let me re-phrase that first sentence and say that I was abused before I knew what the other function was for the peepee I urinated with.