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Posted in Ps3 vs Xbox 360 on 2006-08-10 05:04:07

Both systems are fine systems. And everyone has their right to their opinion. I like both systems, but I will have to choose the Sony system because there will be so much more games for the reason of 3rd party game developers.

Posted in What is a slut- BOYS AND GIRLS! on 2006-08-10 04:55:53

I am living by favorite saying more, and more everyday. I am the only sane person, living in an INSANE world. I have never heard so much B.S. in my life, sarcasm, or not. Sex has gotten out of control today. It is worse today, than it was in the 60's. Men are $%!@s, and man $%!@s too. But the only difference is that allot of the female sex loves man $%!@s. They are portrayed as studs, by females too. Now to really $%!@ off you girls. Men can have all the sex in the world, and their sexual organ will not change at all. Now, if a young gal has sex on a frequent basis, and does this for quite some time, her sexual organ does change. Sorry, it needs to be said. But, at the same time, most guys today don't know tight poonani if it jumped up, and bit them on the nose. Why, because quality poonani, is rare, most females don't know how to work "it".

Posted in *******GuYs OnLy********** on 2006-08-10 04:40:22

I don't get some women/females today. They complain about being short, most. No, just about every man in this world today does not care about females height. It is totally opposite when it comes to mens height. Don't believe me, take my poll.


Sometimes, you women put the pressure on yourselves, because you want to look like a string bean, and tall. Just like those under nourished runway fashion models. Disgusting!

Posted in Illegal Immigrations on 2006-08-10 03:43:06

to proud lefty....

I, at the time when I typed the above mesage, thought that this was your poll. So, I apologize.

Posted in Illegal Immigrations on 2006-08-10 03:40:19

I am also left handed, so no bias on that part. Then again, Mr. proud lefty your questions on the poll are not the best typed eiter. When it comes down to it. Our country is already overpopulated as it is. Before you know it, we will have no forest lands what so ever. Because we are always knocking it down to build new communities. And because of this we will be like communist China. We will be restricted to having one child per household. And that is why you will get nothing but negative responses from people taking this poll. We have enough people in this country as it is, and allowing everyone in is certainly not going to make it any better for the Americans who have lived here all their lives, who have a hard time getting a job, because of Affirmative Action. It is a sad reality that we live in, but it is simply just that....... reality. I don't have problems against Mexico, at all. I have a problem with the U.S. thinking that letting every country that is stricken with poverty to come into our country, will help us too, is crazy.