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Posted in A Government Run By Women on 2017-02-20 14:44:01

I fully agree, Pierrerene. Regarding this new administration under Trump and some of his arrogant macho companions it would have been a real blessing to have an all female government leading the United States. Unfortunately we cannot be sure what women would really want, seeing that a majority of white women voted for Trump in the Presidential elections. Perhaps both females and males should have a right to vote, but only women could be elected and nominated for leading positions in future. This would mean everybody could vote for the best women to lead us. Proudly being in a truly female led relationship, I would not mind to live in a female led society, with women taking all leading positions in politics, economy, culture, sciences, and public life. The sooner, the better for all of us !

Posted in Women and Feminine Males on 2014-12-07 21:56:30

It works the other way round. My wife is still working, with me being her cute and obedient housewife forever. She is wearing the pants, sometimes suits, keepimng me in skirts and dresses. We would never want to change back. A role model for a future female led society ?

Posted in Men Forceed To Wear Feminine Clothes. on 2014-12-07 21:42:33

We can be happy our wives (female husbands?) have turned us into their cute and obedient housewives at home. With the exception of the baby treatment this is the alternative lifestyle we love so much: My wife (still working) is wearing the pants (exclusively), keeping me in skirts and dresses forever. We would never want to change back.

Posted in Daughter Mistress on 2014-12-07 03:00:56

Genetic males have to obey to all females, no matter what age. Wonderful to see how this young 13 y.o. Mistress takes control over her Dad and can fully replace her mother when she is not at home ! We can be proud of this new generation of superior young ladies. What a shining example for our future female led society ! I live in a female led marriage, being my wife´s obedient housewife and maid. What a pity we don´t have a daughter who could help to teach me knowing my place ! Mistrs2Oby, I would love it to hear more about your own daughter when she is growing up. Will her father bend over to her ?

Posted in manly girlfriend on 2014-11-22 05:55:57

I love your poll, Monika. Because it describes the lifestyle we are living in (my wife and me). I am a German t-girl, married to my dominant wife in charge who is taller and stronger than me. She is the man in the marriage, wearing the pants (exclusively) and keeping me in skirts and dresses, 24/7 at home and often when she takes me out en-femme. She is still working. Being retired from work myself, I love it to be her cute and obedient housewife forever. So we live in a completely role-reversed lifestyle and would never want to change back. If you like, contact me at monika.kaemmerer@gmx.de !