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It is a bogus it assumes that every trial is a crap shoot and there it is impossible to find the truth. If the question is valid then their shouldn't be trials at all. It is all a money trick so people can buy their way out. The US legal system in the world that makes no effort to protect people. Every other country in the world has a legal system that seeks the truth and protects people. US courts reject the idea that people have any rights and claim that the only the enemies of the people have civil rights. That means they have a right to marry anyone but they do no have a right to live. You cannot exercise your right to marry if you are no alive.

Under that idea the crime rate doubled and then the amount of people in prison went up ten times.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2011-08-15 22:06:07

In the past you could have a, b, c or so on. Now you have a box and there is only one answer.

Posted in Public ownership of the economy on 2007-11-15 11:19:49

Some highly skilled piece work job are like that. They work grerat. I someone could figure out how to make the workers pay reflect what the worker accomplishes then it can work. Most jobs aren't like that now.

Posted in Is George W. Bush really striving for world peace? on 2007-11-10 12:13:22

American's enemies are not going to rest until everyone in the US is in chains but Bush has twisted our right to security to line his pockets, help his rich friends and screw America and the world.

The war on terror is a joke not because as the left thinks the terrorists are right but because Bush isn't fighting it at all. All he attacked Iraq who was no threat to the US so he could cut off oil and make money for himself and his friends.

Posted in Did Bush Deliberately the Iraq War on 2007-11-09 10:28:25

Every measure of the war shows the US is losing. Even the serge (what a joke) failed but people continue to support Bush and they defend their ideas based on Bush being stupid. He said there were weapons of mass destruction based on secret intelligence but Bush was so stupid the Democrats should have explained why those reports were false. Bush made mistakes but he was too stupid to do the right thing which is the democrats fault because they should have shown him how to win. Now its clear we should pull out but Bush is too stupid to know it so we should continue to let American's die over their because we don't want to make poor stupid Bush unhappy.