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Posted in Do You Believe... on 2006-07-16 21:31:06

I'm sorry, but this is the new way of life for the people of earth, the native religion is the most awesme way ever. But, of course, you gotta part of the tribe to get away with the things our people say. I'm a fanatic of the Creator, his outook on inferior savages in his turf is so awe-inspiring, I actually feel like organizing a red supremacist group in his honor! The naives deserve better than this...all these diseases they've gotta get rid of...it's sick...the healthiest bunch of people on earth, and they're nowhere to be found....tsk-tsk...life on our planet will never be the same...

Posted in The Answer To Your Every Question on 2006-07-13 19:16:05

its got everything to do with the connections i've made....i know just what to expect when the creator tells his story to the masses...these type of savage replies to some seriously life-changing beliefs....he changed my life, and opened new doors for future generations...you'll see what you get in the end...

Posted in The Answer To Your Every Question on 2006-07-11 18:25:08

the typical biblethumper comment...whats wrong? you believed in the bible for long enough...now just because a new way arrived, and totally $%!@ed your loser life up...you think it's not life changing, but this is a psychic connection...they all should look into the predictions of other peoples....not just the ones who write a book about death....tsk-tsk...the usual white supremacist reply....lol...no wonder why everybody hates white people now...

Posted in The Answer To Your Every Question on 2006-07-11 18:20:38

This is the truth....I hear the voices....I believe in immortals...I think this white supremacist is jealous, as with all the other primitive souls we shared the gift of psychic abilities with...We know that it's our natural way of life that got us to the point of learning about the other germ-ridden garbage that wanders all over the land looking for answers...only one knows everything...and he's not telling until he knows for sure his follwers can bring us into the future...Immortals are real...I've heard of them....It's so obvious...no wonder why whites were scared of something huge happening...their BOOK was ending...and they couldnt face the facts that they were to blame for all of life's miseries...it's a psychic connection....we made ours, and predicted a happier ending..then the whites happen to come along and preach about disease, death, war, and destruction..now look at our planet....it's resorting back to the stone ages...that book was action-packed....but...the predictions they make....they need to stop predicting if they can only see false realities...they arent the dominant culture anymore....as shocking as it may seem...whites are the worst bunch of racists ever...all they think about is who looks the best....from some of the sunburnt faces i've seen, they look no better than an asian who just got back from having their eyes opened from surgery...pink as hell....they are also on the verge of seniority....the average age of the rest of them is nearing 40! our people are the youngest and they're gonna keep getting younger, because ever since The Creator discovered secrets about us all, it seems to have gotten just a little bit better...for his people...they see it 2 ways...the savages, on the other hand, seem to be doing anything in their "power" to deny their new truth...they cant handle the fact that somebody from our planet is gonna live forever, so they deceive us even more by preaching a dead book, which only adds to the controversy...they used to hear voices...but what did they get told? Who cares!? I don't....whites are trash, just like the rest of you phony, starvation, garbage immune system filth we have all over native land...the beauty is gone...there's almost no natural life left on this planet...the fake ones keep drilling the same garbage into their minds over and over....i had to break the cycle sometime...the pigskins learned everything from our people...and they act like they invented healthcare...primitive....they act like they never heard of a prophecy...typical white ways....

Posted in The Answer To Your Every Question on 2006-07-11 18:08:05

I only discriminate because the white savages who steal for a living don't do anything but bitch and moan because their book of garbage beliefs is being ripped to shreds by anybody who believes in a healthier way of life...I know God came down, but just because it was of another religion, you all act like it's the end of the world! Calm down...Our people know of discrimination and prejudice...we go through the cycle every day...to the point where we feel uncomfortable even sharing our land with a bunch of savage, filth-ridden, diseased scum who don't do anything but argue about who's culture is the best...the whites? a book...they go into a church, and just sit there....our people, get up and move to the music, because we like attention...so much that we attract the attention of other life forms....keep watching the sky when you attend a pow-wow...you never know what might show up at the next gathering of nations...