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Posted in The Superhero Poll on 2008-09-03 17:43:04

He has no superpowers therefore he is not a superhero and he makes a lame regular hero anyways.

Finally somone agrees with me that DBZ sucks

Posted in Superhero Fights on 2008-09-03 17:32:35

Please explain to me then why superman is able to fight in complete darkness? He only needs the sun to recharge in the event he is exposed to kryptonite. Otherwise he does not lose his strength (he does get fatigued but each punch is just as strong as the last) He is like battery that doesn't lose energy unless exposed to a magnet (kryptonite in this case) His battery though is vast and infinite. he can jump into the sun and become omnipotent. With this omnipotence he once beat a man/creature by the name of imperiex which had all the power of the universe within his body.

Oh and your wrong about hulk's healing capabilities: 1. he stops healing when his anger begins to ween 2. in the hulk tv show (animated series) there was a laser gun that was capable of dealing permanent damage to the hulk 3. Yes, hulk is considered a mutant but he is very much human and he requires sustance ie, food and water to continue healing unlike superman who isn't human at at all (a humanoid creature but none the less an alien species) he is like a plant in that he creates his own food/ energy (bodily energy for proper metabolism ) but unlike a plant his energy is non-expendable and is constanly there for him to use unless he is exposed to kryptonite

Posted in Superman or SuperGirl? on 2008-09-03 17:10:23

He is my favorite superhero but his suit is frickin' gay. they need to modernize him and he should wear normal modern day clothes

Posted in Superman or Goku on 2008-05-04 17:35:01

I will say superman would obliterate goku as evidenced by supermans's accomplishments:) Fore example he has:flown to the edge of the universe in seconds. He has turned back time. Held a black hole in the palm of his hands. Broken space and time with a single punch ( the universe would collapse if that really happened). Flown so fast he broke space and time and nearly punched God in the face. He has fought gods and Arch angels and won. He has BLown out stars like candles. Destroyed galaxies by sneezing and creating galaxies out of practically nothing. suvived being stabbed with kryptonite and thrown into a red star. Now goku couldn't hold up a sky scraper with his hands without the help of his family and that was in ssj4 mode. I would also like to point out it takes goku 4 episodes to begin the "real fight" because he has this dumb retarded speech before hand that takes forever. He has also died more times than superman and he bleeds really easy (just about every fight)

PLease respond to my post i am eager to hear your son's arguments as well as any of your comments

Now seeing how you are the father and you are probably cheering for superman tell your son that there is a reason there are no new DBZ's on tv any more is because Goku/DBZ/DBGT is poorly drawn,poorly written, halfbaked japanese version of superman and that is we call Copyright infringement.

Posted in Superman vs. Thor vs. Hulk vs. Wonder Woman on 2008-04-26 23:40:18

hulk lost to superman in a crossover comic strip so there