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Posted in SOCKS BUT NO SHOES IN PUBLIC PLACES on 2018-11-06 22:17:33

One day last summer I went to the ice cream place. I had some new designer socks to wear that day and I went without my shoes. I ran into young ladies. One I knew and one I did not. We started talking about what brought us to the ice cream place. I mentioned that I was showing off my new socks. The one girl who did not know me said, "You are in just your socks." I said yes. Looking at the person who knew me I said, "For those of you who don't know, I don't wear shoes." The one lady said that she liked going shoeless as well. The one lady who knew me then mentioned how I always wear "funky" socks.

Posted in sockfooting on 2017-08-15 18:04:09

Saw lady come into restaurant to pick up a pizza wearing black socks and no shoes.

Posted in Kids kicking off their shoes in class on 2017-07-23 22:24:31

I take my shoes off to teach class and have students to the same and I have found that it made the classes more productive. The practice started one night when there was rainy and muddy weather so everyone removed their shoes to keep the floor clean. I noticed that the class was more productive and the students contributed more to the discussion then they were when they were wearing shoes. After this I have always had students take off their shoes in class. I remember one student not realizing that the hour and a half class was finished. When you are comfortable, you do not mind being where you are at doing what you are doing.

Posted in School Detention on 2017-04-12 13:39:46

At first our detentions were just sitting at desks without talking. Many students did their homework or just slept. After a while the school realized that students were doing in detention what they would be doing at home anyway so the school decided that detention had to be changed so it would be a true punishment and so they implemented the sitting on the floor in socks while grabbing hold of your feet and maintaining that position. After a while they offered other options. You could hand write the code of conduct or pay a fine to get out of detention.

Posted in School Detention on 2017-04-07 20:55:13

This was in junior/senior high. The school wanted to make sure that detention was punishment and that there was some sort of punishment task that had to be done during the detention. We did sit cross-legged when grabbing on to our feet.

The first time we were caught out of position, the teacher would take our shoes and toss them out the window into the school yard. After the detention we would have to retrieve them in our socked feet. This was bad if it was wet or cold that day. Hopefully they would not be damaged by the weather or stolen.

If we were out of position a second time then the detention would not count and we would have to serve another one.

I only had to serve such a detention once.

Parents were notified but no corporal punishment