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Posted in Barefoot Graduation on 2014-05-24 22:43:28

In terms of a % of the people who graduate, I guess it is uncommon. However, there are videos of people doing this on YouTube. I would just do it, if you will feel comfortable enough.

What Country do you live in? How old are the pupils/students at the school you go to? If you are barefoot outside, what surfaces do you walk on?

Posted in Barefoot in bars on 2005-05-08 13:57:02


Last week was great for seeing girls barefoot in bars in bradford. First I saw a young whie woman wearing those backless slip-on which seem quite popular. Anyway they didn't stay on long when she sat down, and it wasn't just slipping her feet out of them, her full bare feet were on the carpet. The next day a goup of darker skinned people was walking through the town and one girl had shoes just like the first girl I mentioned above, but when they were outside, her shoes were in her hands! Inside the first bar they visited she wore her shoes, and they stayed onn until the next bar we came to. Once inside there, she took them off and sat cross legged on the seats, as ell a walking barefoot to her friend ho ere playing table football. After they ad let, some wite people cme in annd after sitting down, the biggest of the women slipped her clogs off and placed her bare feet on the floor.

Posted in Barefoot: Acceptable or Not? on 2004-03-30 14:13:31

Where I live (Bradford, UK) it is not common to see people barefoot, but when you do, nobody says anything. There are none of the no shoes, no service signs here, and even if barefooting was common i don't think it would bother businesses I think it is safe and makes people look cool

Where abouts do you live? What school did you go to? Did you go outside in your barefeet? If so, what was the weather like? What surfaces did you walk on? Was it common to see people barefoot?

========== In Reply To ========== When I was 14 years old,I lost my regular shoes and had no choice but to wear sneakers to school.Nodody noticed untill my 2nd period class when the teacher caught me and sent me up to the main office. It was my 2nd dress code violation (I was written up for wearing a non-school blazer a few months before.),so instead of letting me off w/a warning they collected my shoes and socks and told me Id have to go to claases barefooted untill the end of school at 4:30pm. To have to be like that all day was so humilating.I felt naked and like a total fool as everyone stared at my bare feet,laughed at me and made nonstop,loud remarks about my being barefoot.Also,the floor was cold and hard and by the end of the day my feet were killing me. It didnt get any easier.I had another class w/the same teacher who caught me.She decided to stand me up in front of the class and point out the fact that I was barefoot,explaining to them all why I was being punished.When the whole class exploded to laughter,I could have died right there on the spot. On top of all of that,I had to put up w/the other kids constantly stamping on my toes-in the hallways,during break times,even during class,where two other students stood on top of my bare feet w/their shoes for almost 15 min! At the end of that horrible day,I had made up my mind about 3 things:I didnt like my 2nd period teacher,I hated the main office,and I would always be sure to wear the proper shoes to school.