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Posted in Ninja poll 133: Going Barefoot on 2008-06-19 23:16:17

Personally - the feeling of removing shoes and socks is great. Shoes and socks are so confining, especially since i have really wiggly toes that need freedom. Wen im in the garden, i never wear shoes. My feet have built up a tough resistance so i can walk on gravel without hurting them.

On another note - my feet are like a second pair of hands. If i see something on te floor that needs picking up, i grab with my toes than pass it to my hands. You cant do that with shoes on, no siree

Posted in Real or Fake Breast? on 2008-05-20 23:19:04

I think that most people who take this poll are hit by sympothy for the opposite sex. While most men would prefer the large, perky breasts you describe, they won't admitt they would have surgically made ones.

Interesting question, if u couldn't tell if the women had undergone surgery, would your answers remain the same.

Posted in Ninja Poll 002: Streaking on 2008-03-31 15:11:38

ok, so i had the sleepova two nights ago and it was bloody great. I had my two best friends ova, matt and zack. Cos it was it was zack's and my birthday recently, Matt bought us briefs with 'bad boys' written on the pouch plus a kinky costume which included thong, bow-tie and cuffs. Me and zack then danced on camera to the party boy music lol. Then we drank alot of beer, did wrestling on this ring we made out of matrisses plus other random things throughout the night - such as matt walking into the room with his $%!@ flopped out for no apparent reason lol.

Oh yeah - and wen zack fell asleep we woke him with the 'weeny wake up' where u turn the lights on, loud music, and stand above him completely naked waving ur nob in their face - the look on his face was priceless :)

Posted in Ninja Poll 002: Streaking on 2008-03-22 21:28:38

Ur not too late cos its been moved back till next week...lucky for you :)

Cud hace saved a lot of time at the start by stating - be naked. As for a film, we r watchin Saw 4, so that might not be as sexy as you imagine it to be. Sleeping will resort in a teabagging so u wont have to worry about that. But yeah - keep checking cos i might respond later next week

Posted in Ninja Poll 002: Streaking on 2008-03-18 20:14:48

Yeah...England :P Hopefully havin a sleepova this weekend so if u have any ideas for games or dares, i will be happy to accept and write back about them :)