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Posted in Cold for Beauty? on 2017-03-27 01:53:01

Oh I hope that's not what happened. She was cool. Coalburner say hi if you're out there!

Posted in Heather's New Rules on 2017-02-26 18:24:28

And here are the acts that people from each level are allowed to do to me.

Level 1:

Stare at me with clothes on Lift/pull aside clothes to see underneath
Touch my face
Touch my arms and legs
Touch my belly
Touch my breasts over clothes
Touch my butt over clothes
Touch $%!@ over clothes
Slap my butt (playfully) Kiss/lick my face
Kiss/lick my arms or legs
Kiss/lick my belly
Kiss/lick my butt cheeks
Kiss/lick my butthole
Rub $%!@ on my arms/legs
Rub $%!@ on my belly
Rub $%!@ on my face Rub $%!@ on my breasts
Ejaculate on my arms/legs
Ejaculate on my belly
Ejaculate in my hair
Ejaculate on my face
Ejaculate on my breasts Ejaculate on my butt cheeks Ejaculate in my mouth Pull my hair
Slap my face
$%!@-slap me
Verbal humiliation
Light beating (no serious injury)

Level 2:

Remove my top
Remove my skirt/bottoms Touch my breasts under clothes
Touch my butt under clothes Touch my $%!@ under clothes
Touch my butthole under clothes Rub my $%!@ Gentle nipple play (rubbing, light tweaking etc.)
Slap my $%!@ (playfully)
Gently put fingers in my mouth
Insert smaller objects into my mouth
French kiss me
Kiss/lick my nipples Hard spanking of my butt

Level 3:

Gently finger my $%!@
Gently finger my butthole (lubed)
Insert smaller objects into my $%!@
Insert smaller objects into my butthole (lubed) Insert large objects into my mouth
Insert large objects into my $%!@
Insert large objects into my butthole (lubed)
Gag me with fingers/objects Rough $%!@ fingering (or with objects) Rough butthole fingering (or with objects, lubed)
Kiss/lick my $%!@
Rub $%!@ on my butt Rub $%!@ on my $%!@
$%!@ $%!@ing me
Gently $%!@ my mouth
Gently $%!@ my $%!@
Gently $%!@ my butthole Ejaculate in my $%!@ (I'm on the pill) Ejaculate in my butthole
Rough nipple play (pinching etc.)
Hard $%!@ spanking
Hard $%!@ spanking

Level 4:

Rough butthole fingering (or with objects, no lube) Rough throat $%!@ing
Rough $%!@ $%!@ing Rough butt $%!@ing (lubed)
Rough butt $%!@ing (without lube)
$%!@ to mouth
Choke me
Pee on me

Level 5:

Ejaculate in my eyes
Go number two on me Heavy beating (serious but not permanent injury)

Posted in Heather's New Rules on 2017-02-26 18:05:13

Hey everyone! Here are the decisions from my latest two polls! In cases where votes were were close my BF picked the winner. Special thanks to Mike T for helping me with the data!

Here are the sex level results. Remember that level 1 has the least sexual privileges and level 4 has the most. We also added level 5 which is just my BF.

Level 1:

Attractive complete strangers
Unattractive complete strangers Unattractive co-workers My grandparents Homeless people

Level 2:

Attractive acquaintances
Unattractive acquaintances
Unattractive classmates My parents' friends My aunts and uncles

Level 3:

Attractive co-workers
Attractive classmates
Minister My brother's friends My cousins My brother

Level 4:

Work managers (all guys)
Restaurant owner (a man)
Male teachers
Female teachers Family doctor
Family dentist
My guy friends
My girl friends My BF's guy friends My BF's girl friends
My mom
My dad

Level 5:


Posted in Cold for Beauty? on 2017-02-26 17:42:38

Anyone ever hear from coalburner anymore? Her stories were great.

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2017-02-26 06:03:31

For my $%!@ spankings I usually get hit with a plastic ruler or a belt. Sometimes just a hand if it's not that bad of a punishment. Also I sometimes get it on my $%!@ while holding my cheeks spread.