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Posted in When Did You First Hear of 9/11? on 2006-02-20 22:02:38

It was my day off and I had just gotten out of bed. So I sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV. There was a news report on and they were showing the tower on fire in the background while a reporter was saying that he wasn't sure what happened, but there was reports of a plane crashing into the building. I was curious so i kept watching. Then out of the corner of the screen came another plane. It was an odd and shocking site. I was so stunned by what i was seeing that it seemed like it was happening in slow motion. Then I thought, is this real? is this a movie or something? So I checked a bunch of other channels and they were all showing the same thing. I don't live in the US, I'm from Canada. But it was still vey frightening to see something that horrible happen. I watched CNN in shock all day. And felt so sorry for all the people that got hurt and killed. I really hope the US can get some justice for this outragous attack.

Posted in Fainting Poll on 2006-01-25 21:32:19

First of all I had never fainted before or after this story I;m going to tell you. One time I was showing a buddy of mine some of the videos I had on my PC. He noticed a folder that said 'pain' on it (it contained people getting hurt, breaking bones and stuff like that). So I started showing him some of the videos. I had seen all the videos before and never had any problem with them before. As I was showing him the videos we came across the 'Psyco Sid' one. (for those of you who don't know: Psyco Sid was a wrestler for WWE/WWF and during a show he jumped off the seccond rope. when he landed his leg snapped and he fell to the groung screaming. it's reall quite disturbing) Anyways, he thought it was so cool and kept watching it over and over again. It was at about this time that I started getting real hot. And it kept getting worse and worse. Within a few minutes I was sweatting and starting to get dizzy. He noticed me sweating and asked if i was ok. I told him ya and that I needed to go outside for some freash air. I got up from my desk and headed out of my room. The door to get outside was about 15 feet from my bedroom door, and about half way there I couldn't even walk. So i hat to crawl the rest of the way. When I got outside I tried to hold myself up against my car, but i was so dizzy that I had ti sit down. Also I kept sweating more and more (and it was winter time, about -15 degrees). I stayed out there for about 10-15 minutes, then I started feeling a LITTLE better. And I could kind of stand on my own. So I decided to go back inside. So I went in and on my way back to my room I started getting more dizzy again, then I walked through my bedroom door and... The next thing I knew I was laying on the floor on a pile of car parts that I had in my room. My buddy was asking if I was OK. As I was laying there I didn't know where I was, but I tild him I was OK. Then I got up and realized where I was and asked what happened. He said that as I was walking in I just dropped and that I was out for about 10-20 seconds. So I went and sat back down in my chair and my buddy asked me again if I was OK. I told him ya but that I needed a glass of water. So he ran and got me one. After I drank my water and about 5 minutes went by I was perfectly fine again.That was the one and only time I ever fainted It was weird because I had watched all those videos before and never had a problem. We both laughed about it and my buddy sasid that one of his friends gets dizzy and sick too when he sees gross stuff. So I decided not to watch those videos again. LOL