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Posted in What is the best pink floyd song? on 2006-01-10 22:33:29

thank you for the critizesem but this was my first poll i have made with mr poll so i just was making a basic poll which i made quicky to see how it works. Stay tuned there should be some better upcoming!

Posted in simpsons vs family guy on 2006-01-05 19:21:30

Come on ppl simpsons are the first and the best cartoon family of fun. They kick A$% and anybody that says otherwise sucks. Family guy is just a cheap rip of of the best show ever simpsons

Posted in The Simpsons Popularity Contest on 2006-01-05 18:45:10

She appers in to episodes. One where he first meets her after so many years. And the second she comes too visit him again but is later prenounced dead. Is she???

Anyway hope i could help

Posted in T Shirts on 2006-01-05 01:07:51

buddy i hate to break it to u but thats no poll. But anyway i would buy a pink floyd shirt thats black and maby som white on it. Soo ya if that helps the ttyl

Posted in Fav guitarist on 2006-01-03 23:42:47

buddy the guitarist name isent led zepplin its jimmy paige and where the hell is Dave gilmore and Roger waters they would be my vote