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Posted in Malcolm In The Middle Spankings on 2013-05-13 22:18:21

I have a good relationship with my parents---but frankly i would probably let them spank my bare butt at any age----just cause they are who they are sounds crazy? My dad paddled my naked butt in college--and i just bared my butt and bent over---annoyed as i was!

Posted in Males being totally naked for physicals. on 2013-05-13 22:12:40

Yes, at 14/15 we had to be totally naked for physical for freshman football---It was a small town team--everyone knew and liked Doc--so it was not a big deal---but it was a different era

Posted in CFNM Poll: Male Behavior on 2013-02-05 02:06:15

The only woman I am naked in front of is my wife----and that is about every single day and it has no effect on my behavior----its just part of daily life!

Posted in Nudity on television on 2012-05-03 21:24:39

When our children were growing up--we did not have cable----not just cause of nudiry but of certain moral or sexual situations------Since they are grown we do enjoy cable. I do not see the need for gratuitous nudity in shows----or scenes of sex-----Certainly no one is going to get upset over seeing a guys bare butt----- scenes like that are ok I guess. I am not making judgements about what other parents do-----thats not my business-------For having stricter tv standards----the boys always saw each other and me naked ----Since the girls shared a room and bathroom time I am sure they saw each other nude-----Modesty in our home was something guys accorded the females--

Posted in spanked young men on 2012-05-03 21:14:29

My brothera and I got paddled bare ( not often) from mom or dad into teens not late teens--By mid teens i was bigger and stronger than both as were my brothers---but bI am speaking of a distant era 50 yrs ago. We took our bare $%!@ paddlings as a matter of course-----We basically had a very happy and fun growing up----We lived rural and it was a Church of Christ area and our minister was very pro spanking for boys and siad it often----so a teen--it was a normal part of growing up ande being Church of Christ---It was seen as a positive--not something bad. I have rarely spanked my oown children cause I just do not like to do it -----but I hold no harsh feelings toward my mom or dad or the Church of Christ----both were good for me in their own way Any others like me?