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Posted in What Do You Know About the Holocaust on 2006-12-02 01:35:30

Dear Suzi, the word "polock" is racist. The proper term is Poles or Polish people.

Posted in Accent Poll on 2006-11-23 21:44:45

No voice in the world is as sexy as an educated Oxford English accent. It's orgasmic! As for Southern, I'm originally from Canada (au Canada!) and I've lived in the American South for ten years now and I have to say that a Southern accent would make even Stephen Hawking sound stupid. It's not the lovely "Rhett and Scarlett" Gone With the Wind accent that outsiders might imagine (I know I did prior to moving here) but the braindead trailor park Jerry Springer rejects who have the accent. Country music, no real sports, schools that try to teach creationism, got to love the South (not!!).

Speak for yourself. You couldn't even spell "British" correctly. I was born in Canada and while I have many issues with the US that I would like to see improved, I think it's completely unfair to characterize the whole country as stupid and uninformed. A great many people here do care about the issues in the rest of the world. They read as much as they can and try to live ethical lives. It only shows your own stupidity when you group all people in one category. Shalom.

Posted in Time for America to apoligise? on 2006-11-09 08:13:30

Mon cher Monsieur Owens, Ahh, you are ever so eloquent and charming. No wonder why red neck jokes are so prevalent. Perhaps if you actually attempted to make a point instead of just coming acrossed like an insane inbred people might care what you have to say. Just a thought.

Posted in Time for America to apoligise? on 2006-11-09 08:09:36

Way to defend the Bill of Rights, proud Americans!