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Posted in OK to pee in the pool ?? on 2008-09-24 11:15:08

Thanks to everybody who's voted in this poll. Interesting to see how many people like to take a naughty pee in a swimming pool and I can understand why. It can be very enjoyable to stand waist deep in a public (or hotel/community) pool and 'go to the bathroom' in the water. Nobody else knows what you're doing and you can feel the warmth of your pee as it goes through your swimwear and into the water. Then when you've finished you can watch other people swimming right where you just peed! :-)

Posted in Pee Pool Poll on 2007-07-23 22:23:03

Hey, it's only slightly unhygenic to pee in a pool and that is part of the thrill for people who do it. Let's imagine someone getting into the pool with a full bladder, on purpose, and then standing waist deep and peeing through their swimsuit. They will feel and enjoy the warmth as the pee flows out into the water and contaminates it, forming a 'cloud' of urine in that area. However once this person has finished peeing and moved away, others will swim through the polluted area (without knowing of course) and this will help to dilute the urine by spreading it out across the pool. Within a few minutes it will only be slightly unhygenic and therefore nothing to worry about.

Saving Time

Whichever swimwear is chosen, valuable training time can be gained by not visiting a toilet before or during a swim. Many coaches encourage swimmers to pee in the pool and I think this is a good idea.

Posted in Childrens swimwear on 2007-04-27 07:52:24

No matter how revealing the swimwear I think it's important for parents to explain to children that there's no need to undress, wholly or partly, to pee in the pool. Sometimes you'll see a young boy with his $%!@ out, or a girl with her swimsuit held to one side, while peeing in the water.

From an early age children need to be shown how to do this discreetly - by peeing directly into the water through their swimwear. It should be explained that the pool water will rinse both them and their swimsuit completely clean as soon as they take a few steps forward after peeing.

Posted in Teenagers : Peeing @ swimming pool on 2007-04-25 21:00:29

No it's not wrong, it is so right!! It's very sexy when a girl pees in the pool on purpose. I love it when a girl holds-off from peeing before a swim to make sure she can 'go to the toilet' in the pool. Go for it girls!! :-)