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Posted in The year 2100 on 2006-12-03 16:31:08

actually, it's not even just the cars... all those giant billion dollar planes pollute the atmosphere as much as a thousand cars.

Posted in The year 2100 on 2006-12-03 16:29:59

I think the gass-guzzling car problem will have to be dealt with on a large scale in the 2010s. Hawaii has more cars than people (or maybe it was resisdents, i can't remember). America's quality of life and unwillingness to change is one of the reasons why a lot of the world is suffering. I think the UN needs to change and do better. World government is the best way for all of us to live lives of decent quality, but it needs to be a good government; strict, but logical and ethical. Unfortunately, a working world government like that will take at least 60 more years to build. About space travel, I don't think that speeds faster than light are even possibly. With the huger than huge size of our universe, there are probably at least a million other planets with intelliget life. You would think if light speed were possible, they would have contacted us by now or we would have learned of them somehow. I think we will have sent a probe to all the planets in our system, and maybe we'll have a lunar or martian colony, but i don't think man will travel beyond the asteroid belt in this century. It's hard to make predictions about the next century... imagine someone from 1806 thinking about what the world will be like today.

Posted in respect for your elders on 2006-12-01 12:09:52


Posted in All 6th 7th and 8th graders please read! on 2006-11-26 19:03:15

If you really like him and he likes you, then just go out with him. Firstly, not going out with him but still liking him probably won't hurt your friend much less than actually going out. Secondly, it would be better to start going out now than to wait around until you're in high school because I don't know if your parents would accept your going out with a high schooler next year and so then you'd have to wait until you're in high school and he might be interested in someone else by then. So I'd say to try the relationship (and don't try to hide it or it will surely fail) and if it doesn't work out and your friend hates you for that no matter what reasoning you tell her, then just try to find better friends.

Posted in Voting Age on 2005-11-10 23:45:46

Voting Eligibility should not be determined by age. I know hundreds of people under 18 who are much better to vote smarter than most voters and I've seen thousands of people who are over 18 and eligible to vote, but don't make educated decisions. How can one deny that a sophomore in high school who makes a perfect score on the SAT is much smarter than a 45-year-old man who abused his wife and almost failed high school? I think we should live in a different kind of a democracy. If we could ensure that the test-makers truly knew the proper code of morals and ethics and wisdom, then we could have them make tests or something, which people would have the right to take up to once a month. Once someone completes the level 1 test, they will acheive the right to vote on very minor issues and will have the right of independence from a guardian if they so choose. At the next level above that, which some people may reach by the age of 12 and many will never reach, people will have rights about equal to the rights our citizens have today, excluding the ability to hold a position related to law and federal executive offial positions. At the third level, most every right should be availiable, except running for a major federal position (like prsident). The fourth level, the highest, would include people who design the methods of advancing to new levels and would include national and world head leaders.

I would go into more depth, but I have not the time to compose a full and proper essay at the moment.