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Posted in My Detention Your Detention? on 2007-04-14 15:52:42

oh, and no... you should not have been given detention for that reason (especially if the teacher had not yet begun teaching). I believe that if you do well on all your tests, projects, and homework, then it should not matter whether or not you "attend" every minute of your likely-to-be-boring class.

Posted in My Detention Your Detention? on 2007-04-14 15:50:34

It could have been better if you used proper grammar throughout the poll. Also, under "number of detentions received this year" you should have had an answer choice of "0". I've actually never had what I would call a detention (spending a schoolday doing meaningless work in an average classroom at my school instead of going to classes - called IC), but I have had something similar (staying 2 hours after school in a typical classroom writing the uniform code 3 times... even though the offense was not related to uniforms - called BC). I do see the principle (and vice principles) a lot, but usually I can escape BC and IC... hopefully I don't get suspended by the time I graduate at the end of May.

Posted in Please answer!!!!!! guys only though please on 2007-04-09 18:05:49

It depends upon her age and whether she is mentally attractve to me.

Posted in A Poll about Polls on Misterpoll on 2007-02-03 00:54:03

I made a "The Year 2100" poll in the Miscellaneous catagory. I've made about 5 other polls in the past and another for the People/Relationships catagory is pending approval. I'll try to make another good poll sometime soon, but I'm not sure what the catagory or topic of the poll should be. :P

Posted in A Poll about Polls on Misterpoll on 2007-01-07 12:59:48