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Posted in School swimwear on 2006-05-03 13:27:09

We used to have to do school swimming classes. It was coed and the bathing suits for guys were speedos and for girls was one piece. You had to shower in your speedo before hand but at the end, you had to peel it off in front of everybody, lay it in a bucket, and walk to the towels. The girls I guess had to do the same, but it was single-sex locker rooms.

Posted in Physical Exam on 2006-02-04 17:47:07

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Posted in Male Physical Exams - Someone Else Watching on 2006-01-16 04:17:48

When I was 14 I went in for a physical. It all went normal and there was the doc and the med exam student there the whole time. But at the end I had remove everything below the waste for a genital exam, the first I ever had. The doctor examined my $%!@, and then he examined my testicles by checking for lumps and then did the hernia. All the time this other guy was in there watching.

Posted in Strip Searched on 2005-12-12 03:48:24

I admit I got a boner reading this, but that is just the way I am. Wish I would have been there.

Posted in Ladies In the gym changing room on 2005-10-01 04:46:13

I am a 15 year old male, and I don't get why girls shave down there. It is better natural, they should just appreciate what pubic hair they have, besides I like it. My goal is to someday get rid of the shaving and waxing trend, someday I shall.