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User: spanked in panties



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Posted in forced male nudity?spanking on 2005-09-02 04:09:13

spankings in gym class

I was paddled in elementry school in front of the class but always with my pants up. When I was spanked by the female principal I was spanked with a leather strap with my pants down but my underwear on. When I got to jr high school I was paddled by a gym coach (coach Brown) that picked me out for regular abuse when he saw that I would cry when bullies picked on me.When he caught me not showering He made me to to my locker and strip and follow him to the shower and he paddled me in the shower room naked in front of other boys and another coach and told the other coach to watch him make this boy cry. He was only alowed to give a boy 2 swats and when I didn't cry after the first on he hit me really hard the second time and I cried out but I didn't cry. The next time when I didn't strip for gym class I was suposed to get 1 swat with my pants on but he made me follow him into the locker room and pull my pants and underwear to my knees and he gave me 2 really hard smacks with a paddle on my bare butt. I cried out in pain after each hard swat but again I didn't cry. It seemed to make him angry. A couple of weeks later I forgot my gym clothes at home and coach Brown told me to come back to the gym after school for punishment. When I got there he took me into an equipment room where coach Kelly that he had been with him in the shower room was waiting. I was told to take off all of my clothes and my underwear and fold them and put them on the table in front of me. I didn't move and looked at coach Kelly for help. He said that I had better start stripping or I was going to get it a lot worse. I started to undress and coach Brown got a paddle with holes drilled through it out of a desk drawer and swung it through the air with a whistling sound. He told coach Kelly that he was going to make me cry this time for sure. When I had stripped completly naked in front of the two men I was told to bend over the table and grab the other side with both hands. Coach Brown hit me hard twice on my bare butt and I cried out each time the third time he hit me he reached way back and hit me as hard as he could and knocked me off of my feet. I fell down pulling the table over and layed on the floor crying. Coach Kelly said that it was enough and that he should stop but coach Brown said that he was going to give me 10. Coach Kelly said that he didn't want to have anything to do with it anymore and he told Coach Brown to go ahead and have his fun but to take it easy on me. When he was alone with me Coach Brown told me that swats didn't seem to work on me so he was going to have to spank me. He said that if I told my parents that he would tell my father that I had been caught stealing and that I cussed at him and fought him when he tried to punish me and that I was sure to get punished at home too. Then he put the table back up and told me to bend over it again for a spanking. He fondled my bare butt and put his hand between my legs touching my genitals as he spread my legs wider apart. He started spanking me from the side like he was swinging a base ball bat. He hit me hard and on the 3rd smack again he hit me as hard as he could and followed through knocking me up onto the table. He grabbed my leg and came around behind me and told me to stay on the table. The He reached way back and like serving a tennis ball and hit me as hard as he could again. I was 13 and skinny and my pelvis bone was trapped between the table and the paddle and it sent vibrations through my whole body and smashed my balls against the tabe so hard that it hurt more than the paddle. I raised up my butt giving him a perfect target and he hit it so hard that it sounded like a firecracker going off and he drove my body hard down onto the table smashing my balls again and I thought I might pass out from the pain. The next time he reached back with the paddle I moved forward as he brought it down and got my balls just over the edge of the table. He hit the back of my leg I screamed and he yelled at me to hold still and said that since I moved that swat didn't count. He had said he was going to spank me 10 times with the paddle but he wasn't counting he was saying words between each blow. Now that I had my balls over the edge of the table I stayed in place and took the rest of my spanking. He yelled out each word like a tennis player grunts when they hit the ball. saying (* = a smack)IF*IT*TAKES*SPANKING*as he moved around behind me after knocking me onto the table he said "to get through to you" * THEN*I*WILL*SPANK YOU*. He had hit me three times before coach Kelly left so I only had 7 more to go but I got 8 because I moved. I cried hard through the whole spanking and screamed after each smack. I was crying so hard when he stopped spanking me that I couldn't talk. I wanted to crawl off of the table and cry on the floor but he wouldn't let go of my leg. I looked back at him crying and tried to pull my leg free but he just smiled at me and he laughed. I thought my spanking was over and it was suposed to be but he enjoyed spanking me so much he didn't want to stop. He put his knee across the back of my legs and got up on the table. I was already crying but the pain of his knee across my legs pinning me to the table was really bad. I started to scream and he started to spank me again bringing to paddle straight down onto my bare already bruised butt as hard and fast as he could while scolding me. He hit the same spot every time about a second between smacks and I screamed at the top of my lungs. may*be*now*you*will*re*mem*ber*to*strip*and*shower*ev*er*ry*day*or*I*will*spank*you*A*gain*** He hit me 25 more times really hard and it felt like he was holding a hot steam iron against my bare butt and I was screaming continuously instead of after each smack and kept screaming after he stopped spanking me. He took his knee off of my legs and threw my legs over my head sending me into the air and I landed flat on my back and had the wind knocked out of me for a few seconds before I started screaming again. His face was bright red from exerting himself so much spanking me as hard and fast as he could and he screamed at me to shut up. I shoved my hand in my mouth and bit down on my fingers trying to stop screaming. He told me I had 5 minutes to get myself together and get my clothes on and get out of here or he would come back and spank me again. I couldn't stop crying and my butt was purple and black and blue with big welts from the holes in the paddle and so swollen that I couldn't put my underpants on or zip up my jeans. It had been more than 5 minutes and the door opened and I fell on the floor crying but it was coach Kelly and he pulled my pants out and looked at my swollen purple butt and he started yelling and kicking and punching the equipment lockers. I was afraid that he was going to spank me too because he was so mad and I crawled into a corner crying. He saw he was scaring me and he helped me up. I was still crying so hard I couldn't talk but I managed to say "He is going to spank me again" and coach Kelly said no he isn't he is never going to spank you or any other boy in this school and that's a promise. He kept saying "I told him to take it easy". I cried into a towel for about 10 more minutes getting it soaking wet with my tears before I was able to stop crying long enough to try and leave the gym. I kept breaking down in tears as I walked across the school yard and when I got to the park across the street from the school I took my underpants out of my pocket and layed down on the grass crying into them until I cried myself to sleep. I woke up and it was almost 6 pm and I walked the rest of the way home. It hurt so much walking that I was crying again before I got home and had to get myself together before I went into my house. I went straight to my room and layed face down on my bed with my pants down and a sheet over me until I was called to dinner at about 7:30 and I did my best not to show my pain as I sat down and ate dinner. I never told my parents because I was abused at home by my father on a regular basis and knew that if coach Brown lied like he said he would I would just get spanked again. This happened at Eagle Rock High School in Los Angeles CA a combination jr and sr high school with students from age 12 and up