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Posted in The Future of Romanism on 2005-09-16 12:51:44

Posted by 'chucksmom' on 2005-09-13 10:20:49 Well, it seems to be alive and well.

Oh? Tell that to the priests and nuns who are wisely LEAVING it! Tell that to the former members of the cult who are continually walking away from it!

And the fundie freaks who preach hate & fear like yourself are getting few and far between. Aw, gee- 'fundie-freak', am I? I'd rather be a 'fundie freak' and a CHRISTIAN than a deceived romanist, ANY day.

You have such an un-healthy and un-christian obsession with Catholicism you must really be tempted by it! Tempted? No way. I want nothing to do with that God-accursed thing. It needs to be exposed for the antichrist thing it really is.

Posted in The Future of Romanism on 2005-09-16 12:47:33

'ChucksMom' claimed:

And be sure to explain to JC when you die why you have such a low opinion of his mother...

I don't, madam. I DO, however, have an extremely low opinion of how your cult has tried to turn Mary into a goddess by erecting lifeless statues of her, kneeling before them, praying to them, etc. Mary was a HUMBLE woman - not a goddess.

Posted in The Future of Romanism on 2005-09-12 14:14:53

I was amazed by the tremendous coverage of the death of the former pope and election of the current pope. People from many faiths came.I was amazed that some people at our church (Weslyian) watched so much of the coverage and spoke of it. i disagree with what it teaches -but I do not think it is dying out. Consider the Hispanics coming to this country-- including our city. Most are Catholic and show it by statues-- paintings on the side of walls -- processions etc. it is very different from what most Americans are used to.....

sorry, but I must disagree re the cult of romanism 'not' dying out!! While no animositiy is intended, it is a fact that the cult is losing more members than it is managing to lure into its clutches. There are far fewer priests and nuns today - more and more of them are leaving the cult, opting for either real Christianity, or some, unfortunately, turning against Christianity altogether, being so fed up with the lies and false teachings of the cult of papa-roma.

The mind and behavior control brainwashing that thing exercises over its members is astounding - and disgusting. Unfortunately, the religoin of Romew serves its pope as its 'god' and worships Mary in place of Jesus, falsely teaching that the dead Mary intervenes on their behalf, taking away from the true realm and role of Jesus Christ.

Take care, and may God, the REAL Holy Father, bless you and yours.

Posted in The Catholic View of Mary on 2005-09-06 18:26:15

It was said: Therefore if ALL glory and honor is God's, by simple logic Catholics cannot glorify or worship Mary.

Yet THEY DO. They do it every time they pray TO her. They do it when they kneel before her lifeless statues. And look at the 'little office of Mary' prayers TO HER, giving her the honors due TO CHRIST alone. Oh YES the romanist cult DOES indeed worship Mary, and it places our Lord Jesus on a back shelf.

All prayers go to God and are directed to God. Catholics can pray directly to the Father (as Protestants do) as well as ask the Saints (such as Mary) to pray for them. It's no different than asking a friend to say a prayer for you in a time of need for example. While on this Earth, saints were human too...

All prayer does NOT 'go to God' --- when you pray to Mary, it is directed to her, NOT God. Even so -- you're wasting your time, because Mary is dead and cannot hear any of your false prayers to her.

Posted in The Catholic View of Mary on 2005-09-06 18:19:55

An intercessor is one that asks for favors on behalf of another. So Mary asks God to bestow favors on her children. This is different than a mediator who may actually have the power to bestow favors.

========== In Reply To ========== I feel really stupid for saying this, but what's an intercessor?

Mary does not intercede for ANYONE. She is DEAD. THE ONE WHO INTERCEDES FOR US IS JESUS, who also is our only MEDIATOR. Mary is not worthy to receive prayers, she cannot help anyone, and you're trying in vain to make her appear 'a goddess' when clearly she is not.