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Posted in Are girls really supreme to boys? on 2007-05-24 05:39:27

I agree with what you guys are saying. That's right, girls rule!

Posted in Karate free-fighting (GIRLS ONLY PLEASE) on 2007-05-19 05:12:59

Good for you it sounds like you had fun. Judging by several of the posts on this website I am sure a lot of guys would have enjoyed that as well. Heck I might even enjoy it but I don't think very many attractive females would want to take me on
in a fight because I look too big. That is one of the disadvantages of being my size. I am sure a beautiful woman like you described could beat me but she wouldn't know by looking at me.

Posted in Are Girls Or Guys Stronger? on 2007-05-19 04:52:34

To the original poster I take it you are fairly young possibly high school age and especially around that age group and younger (and sometimes older) the answer to your question of which sex is stronger would be that they are overall about equal. I am actually being serious here saying that there are in fact several girls that are quite a bit stronger than boys of similar ages. That is going against several individuals who automatically assume boys are stronger than girls and from my experiences that is incorrect. As you know girls go through puberty earlier than boys and I can remember when I was in junior high school and even some of high school there were a lot of boys who were smaller and weaker than the girls myself included. Now I realize that there are a lot of posts on this website by fetish males about girls beating guys that obviously are made up but I have no trouble believing that you or many other boys have legitimately lost in contests of strength or athletics with girls around your age. It is nothing to be ashamed of at all. If a girl defeats you at something you should congratulate her not get upset. Everyone gets along better when both sexes respect and admire one another. If you are an unusually small or weak boy and want to get bigger and stronger it can easily be done no matter what genetics you have. As I mentioned earlier I was much smaller and weaker than alot of both girls and boys for much of my school years. One day I got tired of being little and started to work on changing it. Now I am very large, maybe a bit too large. I am 6 foot tall and currently weigh about 340, so you can see even if you are small you can change if you have enough motivation to do so. However I would have to agree with most people that when both are adults the average man is physically stronger than the average woman. But alot of women are emotionally stronger. Both are equally good so I still don't quite understand why there are so many polls on here asking if males are better than females of if females are better than males. The world would end without both so why do people on this site want to pit one sex against another?

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2007-05-19 02:28:54

Wow this is kind of an unusual story to say the least property of Nancy. By the way who is nancy? don't you mean property of Barbie? Anyway at least it is not nearly as sick and perverted as a lot of the stories on here, I have read a few that some guys have written that are not fun at all but really nasty and disgusting. Some guy called Kyu wrote that the original poster should get weapons and shoot Barbie if this story is true and that he would not be afraid to fight a guy as big as the Undertaker if he had a gun. Well I would say that this is NOT good advice at all. (The part about shooting Barbie.) The Undertaker part made me laugh because I am a big pro wrestling fan which made me think the first guy is talking about Barbie Blank also known as ECW's Kelly Kelly. He did say that the Barbie in his story is a beautiful athletic blonde didn't he? So maybe he is dreaming about her. That girl is drop dead gorgeous and I would certainly think any male who had any sense at all would do anything she asked them to without hesitation. I know I certainly would. I would not do the crossdressing part because I am not into that first of all but the main reason is you don't find very many cute girls clothes that fit guys that weigh 340 pounds. I can't even find guys clothes in regular stores that fit me I have to go to the big and tall. I usally wear a 4xl so I don't think many girls even think about having me wear their clothes. Anyway the story was mildly amusing but I didn't like the part where the other guy said his advice is to shoot the girl in your story. I am strongly against violence towards women and if I knew some guy in real life was going to hurt a pretty girl even if she humiliated him I would make sure he knew he would have to go through me first. Funny story though. Mister Poll is an unusual web site to say the least.

Posted in Girls vs Boys on 2007-05-18 08:38:13

To urkle- No girls are not anywhere near as weak as you would like to pretend and if you lost to a girl saying you would kill yourself is complete nonsense. Why? What is your reason for saying that? Both sexes are completely equal meaning girls are just as good as guys and vice versa. I am a huge male most likely the biggest and strongest on this forum and I could very well lose at wrestling or armwrestling to a female much much smaller than I am, and I would not mind at all. So what is the problem?