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Posted in Girls lifting boys on 2016-05-03 17:57:19

My little brother is the strongest. Easily. Although, I can't say he's really little. He's young. Only 13 years old. I am 18 and have been doing some sports all my life. Still, I am no match for Jake. Just no chance. Wether it's running, lifting, cycling, rowing. Nothing. He lets me use both arms and still wins the armwrestling. I had a friend of mine over recently and Jake was in a show off mood. I let him. I was with Samantha and we were standing outsids. He came up from behind, between us - and grabbed and lifted us. Both. At the same time. Me with his right arm, her with his left. He just walked around. He paraded. I know better than to protest. For Sam it was new. Jake got her quiet, I think by just holding her and impressing her. After a few minutes I think Sam even began to like being lifted. By my 13 year old brother. With one arm. Then after he dropped us, and Samantha took her time complimenting him and checking him out, she wanted to try to lift him. Well, she tried. But she couldn't, they both fell to the grass, laughing. And her emberassed, that he seemed to be so much stronger. He showed her how it's done, by cradling her. "Too easy", he said, and then to me: "Let's have a race, perhaps you have a chance of winning." "He's also faster than you..!!??", Samantha asked. I nodded. I saw Sam getting more and more impressed. And inspired. "Hey let me on your back for the run, okay?" she asked. Jake approved. I did to (what else could I?). And then we raced. My 13 year old brother with my 18 year old friend on his back, against me, sporting athletic me, with no package (other than my, well you know). We were even! It was a competition! I heard Sam encouraging Jake, with some Wows! and some surprised looks on her face. In the end, he won. Sam wouldn't let loose no more. Jake didn't care much. Sam was all ooh and ahh, "Wow you're sooo strong..!! Stronger than both of us combined, I'm sure." "Yep, I guess so," Jake said. "Easily." "No not easily, that's not true," Sam replied. "Yes easily," Jake assured. "Wonna try again?" I didn't. But I didn't have a say in it. "I can lift both of you, for a long time, and you can't even lift me. But okay, what shall we do, armwrestle, tug of war?" Tug of war. Sam urged me to really try. We got into position. "Are you girls ready?" Jake asked. "Yes!" Sam said. And she started pulling. I helped her since I saw the chance too. And - it worked! We made progress. Quite a bit too, we were walking steadily backwards..! Or, only for a few steps. Then our motion halted. We kept trying, but it didn't work any more. Jake had joined the contest. Or... I looked at him... No this couldn't be... My brother, my little 13 year old brother, my o so young brother, was holding us at bay using just one arm... "No way..!" I exclaimed. Then Sam also noticed. She just couldn't continue, she was so distracted by the sight of the muscleboy standing there with one arm on the rope and one arm at his side, hands on the hip, smiling at us. He gave a final yank at the rope and both Sam and I came tumbling towards him, ending at his feet. "You girls need some more prove?" he asked.

Posted in Girls lifting boys on 2016-05-03 17:56:51

Wow Samanthita! I can imagine your fascination!

Is it only this class of boys being so strong, or do you have other experiences too?

Posted in Women with the hardest abs on 2007-05-06 15:45:51

hm, no updates here

Posted in Women with the hardest abs on 2007-01-22 15:29:14

I second that! It would be great to see Sanya in action again, handicapped or not. Though seeing her win a handicapped match would be even better! What kind of handicap could that be then? That she's not allowed to flex her mighty abs? How to control that? Or just that she's not allowed to punch, but only to collect punches? Or her having to... (don't know what yet).

What I mean, Sanya, is: great to see you back! And although we haven't met in rael life, I can confess that I've been admiring you for some time... So I hope that you still are in great shape!


Posted in Serena Williams takes on tiny celebs on 2006-12-01 00:53:30

yeah, serena doing quite some easy push ups with kate lying comfortably on serena's big strong back, and the other girls looking in total awe! And after those easy pushups she asks who's next? All the girls want to experience what Kate just had felt for such a long time, to be on serena's back while she's doing push ups. "Easy girls, there's no need to hurry, I've plenty of time, and plenty of strenght to give every one of you a ride, no worries. Let's see, who will be first? Shall we decide that by you girls doing push ups yourselves, the winner may have the first ride, and the last as well, to make it more interesting. And you don't have to carry another girl..! Oh, and off course I'll try to match your totall!"